12 years ago it was the day I came out of Tweed Hospital after having a kidney relapse.

I made this choice to live

I set the intention through EFT (tapping) that morning back in 2011, when I woke up, as it was my sister-in-law Gabby’s 60th birthday and we were having a zoom to celebrate.

When the doctors did their rounds, I asked if I could go home just for lunch.

The renal specialist said yes, and I could stay home. I would still be coming back for plasma exchange in the renal unit

Today also marks what would have been my mother’s 110th birthday. This was her on her 70th birthday, wearing one of my Suzie Cheel handpainted jackets.

gwladys-cheel-wedding-dayI’m sharing here a little about her. She was an amazing mom, and I had a privileged upbringing  She passed away on December 27th, 2000

These are some words from the eulogy I wrote back in 2000

Gwladys May Cheel was a devoted wife, a loving mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, aunt, great aunt, a friend to so many, a tireless volunteer, a pioneer, and a builder of this city and this community. She was very much a part of the history of Canberra and of this community in Ainslie, where she lived for 50 years. She is a shining example of someone who has left a legacy—a legacy of service and commitment—and who has touched so many lives. Thank you, Mum. You made a real difference in this often very ordinary world, and now you have the peace you have richly earned.




My  father, also passed on the 27th  March,  two years later.jack and gwladys-cheel

You can see 27th is a fairly special number for me and a time for reflection which is what I am doing today on this beautiful full moon day

A day to be creating  the future vision for myself 

This heart is the one that I drew that day, 12 years ago, in the hospital. It was a happy day, and today is a happy day to reflect on. My heart is full of love, magical memories, and gratitude.



beth-elaine-HaynesMy psychic friend Beth Elaine Haynes asked me if I had been talking to Mom. 

I said no! Beth said Mum  was apparently angry with me 
I’ve been having a few chats with Mom today and since then.

I’m moving to a new way of being and a new routine.

Some Discipline
Watch this space as December is my birthday month, and I’m making some changes as well as creating some magic for all of you.

Have a beautiful 27th of November

Is there a day that has special memories for you?


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