Like me, you might have owned and used a variety of cards and decks for many years.

And, like many people who have contacted me lately, you might be thinking you’d like to create your own deck.

Which is why I’m hosting a webinar on the subject.

It all started for me back in 2002, when I became an Angel Intuitive Practitioner with Doreen Virtue.

Back then, I bought Healing With The Angels, Messages from your Angels, Healing With The Fairies, and Mermaids and Dolphins. This is still one of my favourites.

Over the years since then I have gone on to acquire many different decks.

Some are like best friends, some rarely get opened.

Many I have gifted on to others.

Prior to that I only had Louise Hay inspirational cards and a deck of Tarot that a friend had given me.

(I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m not a fan of Tarot and it’s not a system that speaks to me.)


Through Doreen Virtue, I learned to trust my intuition in using cards, a lot more than I had previously.

With many decks you are given the interpretation of the creator for the meaning of the card.

My preference is to provide minimum text, with the interpretation being more up to the intuition and current state of mind and heart of the user.

11 years ago, when I was healing from my kidney failure, the Healing With the Angels cards were my saviour.

Each morning,first in hospital and then at home, I would mediate, draw 3 cards and then journal.

With Healing from the Angels cards there is just a picture and one word.

This allows you to tap into your heart’s wisdom and really listen.

If you need more external interpretation, the accompanying guide book can provide that.


Through my healing journey I rediscovered my passion for my creativity and I started to paint a series of forty five hearts, as a way to heal.

As I shared the paintings, I was finding that each one had a message.

I then started a 30 day challenge – A heart every day.

And once I started I just kept going. That 30 heart paintings became 365.

One for every day of the year.

First I turned these into The Weekly Heart Whisper E-zine and then the idea of creating my own Heart Whisper Daily Guidance deck, incorporating a selection of those paintings, excited me.

So four years ago my own deck was born and is used daily now to guide many people including Artists, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Business Leaders, as well as people who just love cards.


This won’t be for everyone Why might it be for you?

This webinar will be a “toe in the water”, which will help you decide whether you want to further and join my paid workshops, where you can learn how to create your own deck.

And one promise I make now is that as well as those workshops providing a serious, step-by-step guide to creating your own deck, we will be having a lot of fun!

When is it?

Monday 9th November
TUESDAY 10th November AEST 10AM ADST: 11 AM
If you can’t make this time there will be a replay

BRING YOUR QUESTIONS: Remember no question is silly

Looking forward to seeing you on the webinar



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10 Responses

  1. I love seeing how dedicated you’ve been to your own healing by painting those 365 hearts! Wow! I loved how they evolved into your oracles deck. At the same time, I know it’s quite a process to take anything like this from the idea stage of wanting to create your own deck to the fruition stage. So I’m sure many people will benefit from your webinar and workshop.

  2. Its so wonderful how your journey with your card decks has led you to create your own and become more and more intuitive in the process. I missed the live webinar Suzie. If there is a reply link…I would love to see it. Infact Robin Easton makes it a point everytime she see’s any of my posters on FB to tell me that I need to have my own deck. She even shared a website with me that helps in the creation process. This is something I have been meaning to learn, and now with you doing it…who better to learn from ?! 🙂
    Lots of love, Z~

    1. Thank you Zeenat
      How wonderful-

      I am doing a session tomorrow probable too early for you 10 am AEST think that is your 5AMb. Register here and then you will get the replay Yes agree with Robin link to register xxx

  3. Thank you for this Suzie…I’m sorry I missed it. I ‘ve always been a great fan of your work and am sharing this article…perhaps you could add a link to your replay for Friday, so more people can benefit from your energy and offering?

  4. Suzie, where can we access the replay? I’m sorry I did not see this until November 3rd. I have to say I’m impressed with your 365 heart paintings. That takes some ingenuity and creativity! Is there somewhere we can view them? Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Thank you for sharing your journey to creating your own deck, Suzie. My first deck was the traditional Ryder-Waite Tarot deck followed by Osho’s Zen Deck and then a gift from my sister a Shamanic Deck. I discovered Healing with the Angels in 2015 after Miss Coco had hind leg paralysis and the guidance was precious.

    I might try to create my own deck someday. Thanks for the inspiration.

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