Heart Whisper Meditation and Reading for November

This month’s reading speaks volumes to me as I have been boldly finalising my rebranding.

These were the words I wrote after I drew these cards and so I had the title for this blog post.

This is your time to shine, to get out of your limiting box that stops you shining. Yes that takes courage and when you do listen to those whispers of your heart.

You allow all fear to drop away and that inner glow that comes from within will shine forth. The gratitude flows and your heart says thank you, thank you, thank you, and hugs you. Feeling so joyful that your own daily gratitude will open those doors to abundance that, you deserve and desire. 

Then in the Heart Whisperer Community Kim wrote in response to the cards I shared :

 I see these cards as a road map or guide book to find the proper path to lead me where my Life’s Journey wants to take me. Courage and boldness have come together to convince me that my Journey is not about how others judge me. My Journey must be guided by self love and self confidence. I must stop along the way to meet new people and gain new knowledge. I must step forward and help those in need, and be wise enough not to pass judgement on those who do not understand or accept me.When I find the proper path, and achieve these goals, I will be rewarded with inner peace, good friends, many stories to tell, and the continuing gift of laughter and love.

Here is the reading with a meditation to bring in the energy of November ( 8 mins)

What does your heart whisper? 

Share in the comments below or come and join  the Heart Whisperers

Suziesig1Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥ ♥♥”

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Suzie, you bring so much sparkle and joy to the world…you are my role model for vibrant living

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22 Responses

  1. “Courage and boldness have come together to convince me that my Journey is not about how others judge me. My Journey must be guided by self love and self confidence.” I just love this Suzie…what an awesome philosophy for a great life.

  2. Being the day after election day in the U.S., I needed some positive inspiration and motivation to move forward. Maybe not boldly just yet…mildly hopeful for us all. Thanks for the positivity.

  3. Suzie, I love the brilliant colors you use in all your blogs. They jump out, sing to me and reflect your beautiful heart with its powerful whispers. Very Bold! November is going to be big and bold for me too, because I have been contacted by the Dr. Oz Show to be a guest on a segment they are filming on Nov 22nd titled Shocking Premonitions, which is in keeping with your amazing readings. I will remember your blog and how to be bold when I am facing all those cameras. As usual, great blog.

    1. Kathleen that is so exciting to be on Dr OZ congrats. Thanks your comments make my heart sing and I love this : Suzie, I love the brilliant colors you use in all your blogs. They jump out, sing to me and reflect your beautiful heart with its powerful whispers. I would love to use it on my blog if that is okay with you? Let us know when the show is on- xxx

  4. The last few days of October have led into November for me, Suzie, and while not wanting to sound cryptic, it is indeed going to be a month of daring and stepping up to the plate for me. 😉 I totally relate to the Gratitude card this week, so many mini-miracles are taking place that I cannot help but feel the Universe is on my side.

  5. Oh yeah, November is definitely going to be a ‘BOLD’ month for me. Besides the Breaking Barriers challenge I am sponsoring for my followers and a book collaboration with several other bloggers, I’m diving in 100% into developing my new membership/coaching program. Writing the training modules is the easy part! I’ve always told myself I was ‘non-techie’ and that has given me the endless excuses to procrastinate on doing the work to set the website/program up. NO MORE. I was able to get my preferred domain this morning, and that alone tells me the Universe is on my side. Lots to learn this month – should be exciting. :

    1. Marty how exciting, I can feel your energy coming off the page- looking forward. Love that you have left the procrastination behind and look forward to the new website. xx

  6. I’m adding substance and depth to the Priestess Your Brand offer. Building the vocabulary and syntax that will invite the deepest resonance to the concept of Priestess as a verb. Which simply and very deeply means bringing your own badass intention to everything you do; being proactive; listening to and honoring your heart and your gut and your sacred divine feminine in each choice you make and intention you set. Big brave and totally necessary work. I am strapped in for the ride!

  7. I love the opening question about how I will boldly step into November! I am becoming more empowered about my finances and am boldly facing what arises both emotionally and practically. I am nurturing my courage, boldness and fearlessness! Thank you so much for this beautiful post and encouragement!

    1. Kelley I love what you have written and that the words and readings have encouraged you to be bolder. Yes nurture courage, boldness and fearlessness! and the light within you will shine xxx

  8. Hi Suzie,

    After incubating for what seemed like forever, I burst forth boldly with my one thing: Pathways To Possibility. I made changes on my website, the back end, set up my new membership area for students, changed my facebook group, wrote a new kick ass about page, wrote my offering page, did loads of back end heavy lifting, new graphics, Wowsa. Boldly going where I’ve never gone before!

    1. Peggy we must have been in the same incubator I love what you have done, amazing how it does come together when you have clarity. BTW love what you have birthed xx keep being bold

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