Welcome to May- Let’s all live with and follow our passion.

Passion is the Heart Whisper Focus for the month and in the video I share the reading that I received on May 1 ( 6.51 mins)


Say yes to the quiet inner whispers that will allow your life to flow. This means be kind to you. Say no to whatever comes your way that, you know will not put you forward. It’s so easy to find yourself down someone else’s rabbit hole. Passion is the card for May so how can you take note of this and truly follow your passion. Be you and spread joy through love.

What is your passion that will propel you to live in love and your light this month ?

That was the question I asked on my Facebook page on Monday- May 1 in my broadcast from the beach on following my passion.

Natasha Botkin Being in the flow of trust and faith for my outcome. Spirit please glide home buyers to me and allow me to glide to my new home. ?

Robin Doemel Reid My son was just accepted into an elite training that will make him one of a very small cadre of masters in the world. He shared that he has always held the intent of being the best in the world at what he does. Can you believe that he never shared that with me? I was humbled and amazed. And inspired. I am taking that on. How could I never have thought that way before? My new aim is to be the very best in the world at what I do. Not so I can brag or garner awards, but rather so that I know I have done everything it takes to be extraordinary, have reached for the highest heights, and done my very best. This is committing myself in a new way to the work for which I have passion and love and devotion. Thanks for giving us the prompt to share!

Barb Parcells This month I plan to start tearing apart my daughter’s very neglected garden and building a new one. I get to indulge in my second greatest passion, gardening (the first one is writing), and I get to work side-by-side with my grandchildren teaching them what I know and where their food comes from.

Shelia Prance My passion for the month of May is to write my portion in an anthology to be published later in the year. I have the subject and now is the time to put the words on paper.

Mihaela Lica Butler Writing will be the passion of the month – sharing my love and warmth with friends who are open to receive these gifts.

Nicole Kellermann-Wettemann Helping women reconnect to their own inherent divinity and joy. It feeds my soul 🙂

Kelley Grimes My passion this month is writing and creating! I am opening space for more creativity and so excited about the possibilities!

Kimberly Forman Brochu My passion that propels me to live life from love & light is my personal growth

Rachel Kieffer My passion is to live life fully and radiantly and help other women do the same.

I love this one from Reba Linker, looking forward to reading what she thought on her passion 🙂 Great question, Suzie. I love that you frame in terms of the new month. I will have to think more on this! ?

Felicia Baucom Traveling, which I’ll do in a couple of days, and being in nature, which I can do everyday! And dancing.

Heather Maria I have a passion to inspire and heal the world and I desire to do that through my photography and my writing.

Another friend  said: After many years of false starts (and perhaps some misdiagnosis) I seem to be headed to a life with less (dare I say “no”) physical pain. I’m pretty passionate about getting out of bed in the morning and saying “yes” to things as they unfold during the day.?

What is the passion that will light up your life in May?

I look forward to reading you comment

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All my love


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28 Responses

    1. Zeenat the inspiration feeling is mutual – now I am laid up for a while book writing will be my passion this month- signs from the angels and inner knowing for me too love and hugs xxx

  1. To take time to reconnect to my inner child. I’ve been thinking about painting-I saw a beautiful technique (can’t remember its name now)…but it looked like a beautiful abstract impression of an inner feeling outwardly expressed in a fusion of watercolours & shapes. Thanks for the reminder Suzie! ?

    1. Jo That is wonderful glad it sparked your inner child- please share the painting technique if you rediscover it. thanks for adding to the conversation xxx

  2. The rain finally stopped, the clouds finally parted, and the night time temps rose above freezing! I just may get to start that garden this weekend! Okay, May, I’m finally ready for you!

  3. I love reading how so many women will embrace their passion this month Suzie, including mine! It is a wonderful reminder and is so encouraging! Your question, “What passion will light up your life?” would be a wonderful question to ask yourself each morning to live in the present moment and live more authentically. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Kelley, your morning suggestion just gave me a new idea for a new ebook/book and set of Heart Whisper inspiration cards . Thanks for sharing xxxx

  4. I’ve been working on an anthology and, as it gets closer to the finish line, I appreciate all the help and energy that comes my way. Thanks for reminding me about yet another source. xx

  5. Thank you for your share and all the comments. It is a boost I need right now as April ended in a whirlwind of unforeseen events which ripped me from my flow. I have spent the past week and a half in a fury of trying to catch up and get back into the flow. This has left me frustrated with a feeling of stalled forward movement. Your post and the comments here on this thread have given me that – relax, it’s ok, breathe, moment that leaves me feeling relaxed and saying “I got this!”. So, my passion for May is about reconnecting, focusing, flow and sunshine!

    1. Welcome Crystal, thanks for commenting. Sending you healing hugs to get back in the flow- I understand exactly where you are coming from when I wrote this post I was fir and healthy- now I have a damaged knee so I love your comment about getting back in the flow. Happy the post inspired you xxx

  6. Appreciating your summary of our VFA Sister’s passions for May, Suzie. To reply to you now, I’d say that what I seek to PASS ON is a legacy of empowering women to fall in love with writing–again or for the first time. My hope is to facilitate this adventure so that their word wisdom can be written and shared with others.

    So, I’m now fearlessly stepping out again to design and deliver another women’s writing retreat in late October/early November in my hometown of downtown St. Peterburg. My passion is facilitating this transformational adventure in creative and intuitive ways.
    When I am in this passionate flow, I am in heaven!
    P.S. The Bali Writing Retreat is reset for 2018.

    1. Hi Lore, love your passion to empower. I know that through my cards and getting women to journal daily s empowering. I love that I do write most days- now just to get the book completed

  7. I unexpectedly lost so much time and energy last months with my website being hacked, that I thought I would be able to jump right back in and catch up. I’m finding it easier said than done. Also, I discovered what I was passionate about last month has been replaced by a whole new door of opportunity. I’ll be proceeding cautiously as I find out what this passion is all about.

    1. Love this Joyce, I was sorry to read about you hacking adventure- that is a painful one I know. look forward to discovering more about your new window of opportunity xxx

  8. I love this subject because it is multilayered. My main passion is Christ, then my family then paint and express my love for art!. God gave me a talent for painting and raising women’s self-esteem. I am using this passion and talent in my business and in my life. I now have a passion that derives from this beautiful life. It is to help others launch a business like mine so that they can also reach out to the community, help others follow their path and make some money while they do what they love. I LOVE your passion, Suzie! 😉

  9. Right now, passion isn’t at the forefront of my mind. My cat has been ill, and I’m putting all my energy into helping him heal. Love and healing are my focus this month. Love how others are actualizing their passion though.

  10. It’s lovely to hear the voices in your Group, Suzie. I’m glad Mercury has gone direct again today and my passion for May is to enjoy the various projects that got delayed. Some are business related and some are home based but all of them are dear to me.

  11. June is the 5th anniversary of the publishing of my first book, Resilient Living. I have learned SO much since I wrote that book, so I’ve designed a new cover and am working on a major update and plan to run a relaunch campaign next month. 🙂

    1. Marty that is brilliant, Love it and you inspire me a to finish my second book and update my first book that I have recently seen is now so much of me and my message xxx Look forward to you relaunch

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