The Word of The Week: A Weekly Feature

Walking on the beach last week while on holidays I had this idea to each week have a word of the week. I started by looking at making an A -Z list, thinking I would repeat that twice. I was going well until I got to X, so there will be some weeks that the the word will relate more to what resonates at that moment.

Abundance is the word many people are using as their theme in 2011.

I believe that feeling abundant is the secret to having more abundance in all areas of your life.

So what is abundance?

Abundance is a feeling, we are surrounded by abundance always, sometimes we don’t see the small events that do create abundance. If we raise our awareness we can be showered with abundance.

I am reminded by some advice that Michael Losier gave me on a New Year’s day call back in 2008:

image1 Abundance is a Feeling

The only way to to become more abundant and attract more money is to hold the vibration of abundance and most people don’t hold the vibration of abundance. How can people expect to attract something if they are not holding the vibration of that which they want to attract? Skip the other chapters and do the exercise and you will see a shift and you need to be celebrating. Write down 10 things you are abundant for today.

Then this morning I drew the Showers of Abundance cards from Daily Guidance from Your Angels after my morning meditation so seemed to me that I was in sync and ABUNDANCE was a great word to start this week with.

What do you do to allow abundance into your life?

Tomorrow I will share with you an abundance practice I started on Monday

With Love and Abundance

Suzie Cheel

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  1. I love the word that you choose. Abundance the sole focus there is a risk for life to get thrown out of whack.Anyway i love the photo.

  2. An excellent thing to have in abundance! YES,abundance the relative representation of a species in a community. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Martha,
      wonderful to see your smile here:) Yes abundance is a feeling and we can make the choice to keep our vibebubble full of abundance or lack- i choose abundance
      thanks for you wonderful comment

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