You Are Afraid To Talk About Money After All It’s Not Spiritual Is It?😇

Do you know that in not talking about money YOU are blocking your ability to receive your true worth?

You happily give your gifts and talents away 🙂 

Thinking this is how you will become abundant

You know you change other people’s lives but, you are still are stuck with just getting by, just surviving.

Hanging onto some idea of karma and a dream of one day being rewarded with the wealth that you secretly desire!

Living in LaLa land 🌈

The worth for yourself is up the creek!

I know you think your self-esteem so okay, you do the mirror work, when you remember.

If your self-esteem was so high you would openly be receiving of :

self worth



the value of your wisdom

the gifts that you share with the world and

Be charging accordingly

But in the back of your mind self doubt drops in and your inner doubter whispers you are not good enough and deep down you embrace this lie

There is a way through this but first you must own the challenge

It starts with your self-worth and knowing and feeling you are enough

Join me in
3 days to shift your heartset and mindset into a vibration of knowing you are enough.


You will receive unique tools and tips to open your heart even more so you shift and unblock any FUD – that’s fear uncertainty and doubt- thoughts, words and actions that are blocking your abundance, your wealth and limit the freedom you desire to make a true difference in the world.

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18 Responses

  1. So true Suzie…in fact I’m in the middle of writing a book about this very topic because it affects so many of us. It’s so odd that we’ve picked up the idea that money isn’t spiritual, when like everything else in life, it’s simply energy in action.

  2. Great offering here, Suzie. More work can always be done about the idea of feeling good enough and not being held back because of ideas around money.

  3. I, just like Barb wrote, have a love/hate, rich ‘n poor relationship with money. Somedays it’s available and somedays I can’t shake that piggy bank hard enough. Thank you for this important reminder. Money is energy. Love is energy. Light is energy. And, it’s all available when I allow it to flow. P.S. I’m allowing it to flow in my direction.

    1. Hi Cindy, I know that feeling and where i have been much of the past 10 years or maybe even longer.
      Yes it is all about allowing the flow, so often we block it
      I now choose my thoughts etc about $
      The work I have done over the past year has totally shifted my consciousness around money xxoo

  4. Thanks for this. I need to remember that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. (Unintended pun.) Here’s to all the generous energy 2020 has to offer.

  5. Wonderful Suzie that you are offering this. It is something that I have thought about on and off. We must value ourselves , our time and our energy, as well as the light, the love and the wisdom that we share. Beautiful inspirational post.

  6. Yes yes yes Suzie! When we view money as just another form of energy, it takes the physical charge off of it. Thank you for bringinng such an important topic to light! <3

  7. I see money as a form of energy to help me get what I want and need and in giving of my services, money should come to me naturally. I do understand the view point of some people thinking it is wrong to charge for services. If the price is more than the value provided, then perhaps yes but nobody should undervalue what they provide. That repels money.

  8. Thank you for this, Suzie. I can relate. I get exasperated when people think that I can’t have good helpful intentions AND want to make money and earn worth for the value I’m providing. Be spiritual and loving and kind can also include having enough self-respect to want to earn what you are worth.

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