Memories Flood In Prescription 20

Prescription 20 by Suzie Cheel

  Prescription 20 started out as a black and white photocopy of some textile work I did two years ago. I then painted into the work with pinks and oranges that you can se on the left. I then over painted the background of Prescription 20 and let it dry. The next morning I went […]

Blue and Green Should Never be Seen…Prescription 19

Prescription 19 by Suzie Cheel

Blue and green come in many hues And with many meanings GreenĀ  should never be seen with blue without something in between Was a saying I heard as a child I now see that what comes between is the wonderful color turquoise Green is empowering, Giving life the the new Green is for growth that […]

What If This Or Maybe That?

It’s Poetry Day in The Ultimate Blog Challenge……….. This comes from my book Emergings: A Meditation on the Emotions of Change. I was going to share this after a new friend Jane Taylor chose this card from many as it spoke to her and related to where she was feeling at in her life at […]

Prescription 18: Blowing in The Wind

Prescription 18 reminded me of winds blowing across the sea and I started humming Bob Dylan song Blowing in the Wind: How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man? How many seas must a white dove fly, before she sleeps in the sand? And how many times must a […]