Prescription 19 by Suzie CheelBlue and green come in many hues
And with many meanings
Green  should never be seen with blue
without something in between
Was a saying I heard as a child
I now see that what comes between
is the wonderful color turquoise

Green is empowering, Giving life the the new
Green is for growth that comes in so many moods and hues
As I look outside my window, I see so many shades of green
The green of the grass, the trees, reflecting both light and dark
The green of rosemary, basil, parley and thyme,
each one a different shade of green

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea
Blue is the color of flowers and fruit
Blue comes in so many beautiful hues
There is azure, cerulean,cornflower, cobalt, denim,
indigo, navy, peacock, periwinkle, prussion and sapphire
To name but a few.
Blue is calming and strong
Blue is light and friendly
What does blue mean for you?

–    Suzie Cheel

Live in abundance, be the change and make a difference TODAY!

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  1. Came here by way of the UBC Facebook group. Your image caught my eye – these are my favorite colors, and together, too! My bedroom sheets and spreads and rugs and even the pictures on the bedroom wall are mixtures of blue and green. I never understood why blue should never be seen with green – it’s the sea and the sky and the grass and the mountains, after all.

    1. HI Gabi,
      Yes it is amazing and when i had a textile painting business the number of blues and green in a variety of combination that I painted and sold. yes it is the sea and the sky, the grass and the tress etc. thanks for dropping by and I see you have blue in your blog name

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