Color Prescription 3: Yellow

yellow chakra

Working with The Color Yellow and The Third Chakra Yellow is the color of sunshine, bananas,  lemons, sunflowers, saffron, topaz, ochre and citrine. Yellow is the color of the third chakra our solar plexus. This is the  warrior chakra and maybe our most challenging chakra. This chakra determines what we believe about ourselves, it is […]

Manifesting Monday: What Will You Manifest This Week?

#MaMo: Manifesting Mondays on Twitter! #MAMO is a weekly vibe raising actiivity on Twitter that Nancy Barry-Jansson aka Affirming Spirit co founded  with Melanie Mulrooney back in 2009 Each Monday a group of LOA (law of attraction) and Abundance coaches and enthusiasts post what they are working on manifesting for the week and then support […]

Color Prescription 2: Orange and The Sacral Chakra

2nd Chakra by Suzie Cheel

Working with The Color Orange and The Sacral  Second Chakra Orange is the color of power and vitality, of apricots, mandarins, persimmon and papaya, carrots, pumpkin and sweet potato. orange is a sunrise, a sunset the flame of a candle. Orange is the color the second chakra our sacral chakra and our feeling centre. It […]

Color Prescription I: Red and The First Chakra

red and the root chakra by Suzie Cheel

Working with The Color Red and The First Chakra The color red has many moods, many meanings,many messages Red is the color of fire, love and passion Of fear and anger Red can energise you Red can depress you Red stirs the the senses and ignites the emotions Red excites and stimulates A red light […]