Manifest Monday

#MaMo: Manifesting Mondays on Twitter!

#MAMO is a weekly vibe raising actiivity on Twitter that Nancy Barry-Jansson aka Affirming Spirit co founded  with Melanie Mulrooney back in 2009

Each Monday a group of LOA (law of attraction) and Abundance coaches and enthusiasts post what they are working on manifesting for the week and then support one another in what is like a manifesting circle on twitter. You can read more about how it evolved here and join in on the Tweet chat  #MAMO

I have met many like-minded friends via this twitter stream and it is a great vibe raiser to get the week off to a great start. Have positive vibrations is such an important part of the manifesting process.

What will you manifest this Monday?

Be inspired, be empowered, be the change and make a difference TODAY! And remember to have FUN
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14 Responses

  1. Great Article! Thank you for reminding us the key elements to become successful in our own way. I never understood the gratitude and it clicked recently as I was working with one specific group in my town. Thank you for sharing your blog.

  2. Sharing positive energy with others is such a great idea!!! Not only are you giving to other people, you are also getting a positive feed back for yourself…

    I want to manifest patience and understanding, so that it will be easier to get along well with others.

    1. Hi Lynn,
      I relate to the patience and understanding, something I am going through right now 🙂 and about to make a video on it

  3. Hi Suzie
    I like and appreciate the idea very much.
    I want to add… Be spiritual as well…It works amazingly.

  4. This Monday(tomorrow), I will manifest success. Success in business, in life, in my relationships, and in my health. As a result, like Mark Victor Hansen once said, I’ll know the whole world improves along with me.

  5. Manifest Laughter this week, as per my blog post on The Bridgemaker.

    I will look into the #MAMO tweeting. I’m just learning this whole new language of twittering.

    1. Hi Harriet,
      Delighted to meet you and I loved your post and yes it is a great way to start the week with laughter- will look out for you on twitter- my handle is @suziecheel

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