Unique Opportunity To Own A Suzie Cheel HandPainted Original

Suzie Cheel Textile Art

My Last Studio Sale: Online for  October 2012One Week Only End  of  Financial Year Sale (here in Australia) and only time to get one of my unique hand painted silk scarves.  Visit http://suziecheel.comsuzies-gallery to see the work on sale  It is TIME to  share what I have been hoarding away thinking one day………….maybe……..when……. I have been […]

Stop Your Procrastination and Let Your Light Shine

Have You Revealed Yourself to the World Today? When I woke up this morning my first thought was about the commitment I had made for my Online Studio Sale: this commitment was made to my special friend Heather Bestel. I am speaking to her tonight!!!! I then remembered  I had yet to reply to the wonderful Joy Holland  who […]