Have You Revealed Yourself to the World Today?

When I woke up this morning my first thought was about the commitment I had made for my Online Studio Sale: this commitment was made to my special friend Heather Bestel. I am speaking to her tonight!!!! I then remembered  I had yet to reply to the wonderful Joy Holland  who had asked me in an email what was one action I would take…… I then wanted to pull the covers back over my head. Instead I did Ellie Walsh’s  Create Your Desire meditation. I then read my cards for the day. Well the universe was listening:  I drew the card REVEALED  from Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards and read the words that went with the card my intuition told me to take careful notice of this

Path of Soul Destiny

I have been hiding from the world. I keep putting off – read procrastination and perfection. It is easy when you have had both a life threatening illness, complicated by other traumas such as fractures to play small and hide. I have so many reasons (excuses) that  allowed me to stop myself. Today I shared the following Angel Inspiration on my Facebook page that came to me after I had read the card’s message as I was writing in my journal.

It's Time Be brave

Yes It’s Time! It’s Time To Let Go!

Until I release the past I know I will stay stuck. Staying stuck is no longer an option. I have so much love and more that I want to share with you and the world. It is now time to step up, to be free and shine. Does it take bravery? Maybe as my friend Stephanie Rainbow Bell said yesterday it takes clarity and confidence?

Do I have clarity?  YES  I do. I know to move forward both on my Healing Journey and with my Art I must share both my creative talent, my inspiration and my products with the world. I know when I do people are excited. I also am so grateful for the wonderful creativity i have been gifted with. This gives me joy.

Do I have confidence?  YES  I do! I just lost it there for a while when I was looking outside myself. Right now I feel excited about moving forward and sharing my unique hand-painted textiles with you and the world.

It is now time  to put the plan into action one step at a time. This is not always an easy step for creatives!

Will you let your light shine?

My next post will have all the details of the sale and how you will be able to see the unique scarves and quilts live online next week. Yes this is one commitment I will keep !

Watch my facebook page for the details too and  comment below if you want a special invite.

from my creative ♡ to your creative ♡– yes we all have one:)


Suzie Cheel

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  1. Hi Suzie,

    *grin* Only because you asked me to guide you through this sale did I offer a prompt…you hand me a heart whisper, I will show you its manifestation as your “reality”.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful reflection 🙂 The external resources were beautiful and nudged you into the direction of your heart whispers….I hear the affirmation in each.

    The beauty is in *this moment*…all that you have already created and that you currently share…may you celebrate each connection, each delight…and *if* your sale is part of that celebration, then awesome…but know that you touch hearts, and draw to you abundance each and every step of the way 🙂

    Thank you for your presence, online and energetically!

    1. Hi Joy,

      Such joy in your words, you had me reread what I had written to see the heart whispers.

      I love this -you hand me a heart whisper, I will show you its manifestation as your “reality”. Also th eimportance of being in the NOW- this moment as you say.

      I have just tested- my new way of listening to my body and having the sale is part of the celebration. Your words and reflection give me joy and make my heart sing

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