Can You See The Perfection That Is You?


When Do Your Believe That You Are Perfect In This Moment? “When we se the perfection that we are, then we see how simple life truly is. Sometimes it is getting to the perfection that we are is the challenge. “ ~ Suzie The title of today’s blog post and the words of the heart […]

Chocolate Slabs And Keeping It Simple?


Simplicity is natures first step, and the last of art. ~ Philip James Bailey Do You Keep Things Simple Or Keep Adding Layers in the Hope of Getting Greater Clarity or a Better Picture? Four years  ago yesterday I was told I had 25% chance of recovery from an autoimmune disease that went rogue and caused a […]

Do You Listen To Your Spirit Guides?


  Do You Have A Spirit Guide? Last week I did a follow up class from Soul Art Day and the painting above was my interpretation that flowed from the spirit guide ritual that I did with Laura Hollick. We were asked to focus on some questions that you want an answer to and what you would love to receive guidance […]