Simplicity is natures first step, and the last of art. ~ Philip James Bailey

Do You Keep Things Simple Or Keep Adding Layers in the Hope of Getting Greater Clarity or a Better Picture?

Four years  ago yesterday I was told I had 25% chance of recovery from an autoimmune disease that went rogue and caused a total kidney failure.

Today I feel so blessed that I have healed and my kidney function is back higher than the renal specialist told me it would ever be. So time for some celebration. I planned to paint a picture to celebrate my life

I started the day by staying in bed with me time, meditating, reading, ACIM, morning pages, journaling and I drew a card that delighted me.

rochelleNote the words on the card: “As you honor and follow the guidance of your heart, prosperity is coming to you now.”

I have been opening my windows to prosperity to allow myself to be more open to receiving. Looks like my gremlins had others ideas today!

I had my to love list written out, the painting being paramount. Somehow yesterday didn’t go as planned and little of my love list got done. I didn’t get to paint until after dinner. Tiredness had set in and I knew I must listen to my body.

As I painted the heart above, I allowed the brushes to guide me. I had had an image of hearts and fireworks that I would paint. This was not what my heart had in mind. As I washed my brushes I thought I will complete this tomorrow, I saw the painting as incomplete.

I posted Heart 177 of my 365 day painting challenge into The Heart Whisper Circle group and I wrote these words:

Start of my Celebration painting. July 16 is the day my life changed when an autoimmune disease invaded my body. The painting is a start and as I am feeling very tired I am listening to my body and heading to bed.

When I checked this morning  there were comments on the post, I asked do I leave this or keep painting?  My artist friend Jean replied:

I think it is complete, Suzie, but I also think it will tell you if it needs something. And it might take a little while 🙂 Paintings have a mind of their own 🙂

I decided to leave it and went about having breakfast and getting food ready for the day. (I am a beta tester for the  Quantum Silhouette reshaping program and will reveal more about this at a later time)

I started to make my daily treat of a very simple delicious chocolate (cacao) slab and the simplicity as I was mixing this hit me! These words popped in:

Life is simple- it’s just the layers we think we have to keep adding that make it complex. 

How awesome I thought, especially as I would have spent maybe an hour or more painting. I have just been into my studio to look and ask. I was tempted to add to the background and then I heard just leave it today.

I am doing what Jean suggested- allowing the painting to have it’s time. I did that with the painting that is now my new banner. 

This is a big life lesson for me as I can think of so many ways I add more layers that often lead to:

I am sure you can add some more 🙂

 I learned there is virtue in simplicity

 Do you add layers of complexity that burden you or do you a way to keep life simple and fulfilling at the same time? 

Thank you for reading  and taking the time to share your thoughts in the comments below. If this post resonates for you please share this article on your favorite social  networks and with your community. This can help others heal and transform their lives. Thank you!”

with love and gratitude

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥
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24 Responses

  1. Suzie, I love your painting! I guess it loves you, also. How wonderful you exceeded the expectations of the doctor,
    P.S. I LOVE chocolate!

    1. Theresa how wonderful I hadn’t thought of the painting loving me 🙂
      Yes chocolate is a gift. Last night I made bliss balls for the first time with cacao and they are yum xxoo

  2. Wonderful post, Suzie! I’m so glad that you soldiered on and that your kidney got better. The message here is so true and something I’ve come to realize lately. Life is simple and acknowledging that is something that brings true happiness.

  3. Thank you for this powerful reminder Suzie! I love how points of clarity show up when we are in the flow. And when it’s connected to chocolate even better! Beautiful post. <3

    1. I Pamela, welcome and yes chocolate i would never thought of- a benefit from a program I am on. Yes the beach is somewhere else I rally get clarity. xoxo

  4. yes, yes, yes! Life is simple when we stop thinking we have to add layers to it. As with your painting, I have poems that simply end and I think, “but there needs to be more.” And then my heart whispers, “leave it be.”

    Thank you for this heartfelt reminder that I don’t have to overcomplicate things by adding more…


    1. I love that Peggy when we stop when out heart says it’s okay, enough, it’s perfect as it is. just leave it- all messages I get.. I have been observing this week when i add another layer and sometimes in adding that layer I have got clarity and can see how I don’t need what i thought I did 🙂 xxoo

  5. Your new banner painting is so beautiful! And your message of simplicity is ringing a needed resonant bell for me today. Thank you so much. Sharing now….


  6. So GLAD you beat the odds and came out of kidney failure. My husband is now 10 yrs on dialysis and it is a daily adjustment to life as wanted/life as is .. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Terry, thank you, my heart goes out to your husband as I know the challenges of dialysis, I spent many months 3 times a week in The Renal Unit having plasma exchange and got to know others on long term dialysis. xx

  7. Lovely Suzie. Giving ourselves space is such an important lesson. For me the turning point was being told to expect that due to an “incurable” eye disease I’d be losing my sight. Like you I proved them wrong, but what I learned in the process was to honor that little voice in my head when it tells me “enough!” time for a break! So I take lots of walks (which almost always spark my creativity) and experience no guilt whatsoever if I choose to take an afternoon nap, or just spend some time playing with my dog. As always, thank you for sharing your heartfelt inspiration!

    1. Thank you Marty, Yes I too find walking, especially for me on the beach is where my creativity gets sparked. I am currently doing the morning pages and journaling daily and that with prayer if when I am listening more to those smal whispers of my heart xx

  8. Suzi, you hit the nail right on it’s simple little head when you said life is simple, we keep adding complicated layers to it. Yes we do! We want to perfect perfection because life is perfect in all it’s perfections just like the painting. Great blog! Sharing to all 13 of my social media pages.

    Kat Kanavos

    1. Hi Kathleen, Thank you for sharing I love you 🙂 Yes when we see the perfection that we are then we see how simple life truly is. Some times it is getting to see the perfection that is us, is the challenge xx

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