Is Abundance Flowing Into Your Life Today?


What Does Love (read self-love/ self-worth) have to do with allowing the abundance to flow into your life? When You are kind to yourself we feel better about yourself, you take time to treat yourself and that means you keep your vibes raised. When our vibrations are raised we are open to receiving. Do you find it easy to […]

How To Attract Abundance With The New Moon


Ways We Can Use The New Moon To Manifest Our Desires This week I have been noticing some of my colleagues talking about this Leo New Moon and how the next 13 months was going to herald shifts in energy and create transformation. As well a very special time for manifesting, stepping up and shining. I went […]

How To Expand Into Abundance


Drawing a line in the sand to expand your abundance flow. We block our abundance from flowing into our lives by the words we speak and the thoughts we think. Then the actions we take based on those words and thoughts. It can be a downward spiral! I was conscious that yesterday I had put myself […]