What Does Love (read self-love/ self-worth) have to do with allowing the abundance to flow into your life?

When You are kind to yourself we feel better about yourself, you take time to treat yourself and that means you keep your vibes raised.

When our vibrations are raised we are open to receiving.

Do you find it easy to receive?

Do you believe you deserve to receive? 

Or do you block your abundance?

I have received this cardhat 2 days in a row this week:Hathor: Receptivity with the message: “Allow yourself to receive. This will increase your intuition, energy, and ability to give to others.”

When we are open to receiving we open up our abundance flow too.

Do you graciously accept when someone offers to buy your coffee, tea, meal etc?  I know know I do and say thank you. It also makes my heart sing.

Someone compliments you on what you are wearing. Do you say thank you or do you start to tell a story that makes it a put down? I know I used to.

When we negate a compliment or don’t accept a gift we are blocking the abundance and negating our self-worth.

This week I have had my receiving antennae open and the abundance has flowed in many ways. Free coaching, a book, a yoga band, opportunity to speak , free bananas at the market today.

I have been recording this in my Gratitude Journal that was a gift too.

I made a video (1.39min) to thank Reba Linker for the surprise copy of her book Imagine Self Love that arrived in the post on Thursday. This was a thank you gift.


Today I have just been watching and listening to Doreen Virtue on Abundance on her weekly facebook meditation and prayer session.    She talks about allowing yourself to receive to give abundance to yourself and others. Doreen stresses the importance of valuing yourself too, saying it’s a choice we learn and grow from. ( The session is 20 minutes and a wonderful meditation ).   That prompted me to finish this post to share with you.

Do you open your heart wide and let the love flow in?

Are you allowing the abundance to flow? 

with love and gratitude

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥
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  1. Suzie, you are so amazing and generous and your messages are so clear and simple in such a powerful way. Thank you for featuring my book as part of your story, and thank you for the generosity that you show in so many ways. It is such a privilege to know you!

    1. Thanks Reba,
      You comment makes my heart sing and I love that my simple messages are powerful to you. It was my pleasure to feature you book and thank for your heartfelt gift xxoo

  2. Suzie, I loved your video & thank you for Reba! What a fun surprise for you! I shared your article on Twitter because I have several friends who ALWAYS deflect compliments whenever I give them. I have tried to explain that not only does it bring them more negativity, but it takes something away from me, the giver! Learning to receive truly is the first step in opening to abundance!

    1. Hi Stacy Thank you . I think so many of us have to learn to accept and also to move away from people not open to having a positive vibe. As you say Learning to receive truly is the first step in opening to abundance! Plus seeing the abundance in the simple things like running water etc xox

  3. I took me some time to learn that “giving” without the ability to be a gracious receiver was a form of arrogance. The thought made me take a look at my motives and the ways I think about generosity. Thanks so much.

  4. Suzie–This is very timely for me. I’m at a point in my work where things are really opening up and flowing, and something that has come to my attention again and again recently is acknowledging my efforts. I’ve gotten really good at being grateful for everything, at finding the good and the lesson in each circumstance, at recognizing all the different kinds of abundance that come into my life…but I stink at commending myself for doing a good job and validating my own worth. I think being able to say, “I did this well” is essential for the flow of abundance, too; not in a cocky, look-at-how-great-I-am way, but rather as authentic recognition of a job well done (the kind of thing I’d have no trouble giving to someone else).

    1. Kathleen I understand what you are saying as I am experiencing so many more doors opening as i allow and be more grateful. I love “i did this well ” too thank you xxoo

  5. Wonderful post Suzie! Receiving graciously is truly the key to expanding abundance in our lives. When we receive with grace we affirm that we are worthy of receiving. Loved the video and receiving your beautiful energy. <3

  6. Hi Suzie,

    I often struggled with accepting help from others. But now I am beginning to learn this useful lesson you shared today.

    Thank you, Suzie, for writing such inspiring post.

    Acceptance, a wholehearted one can really go a long way.

    Thank you!


  7. Yep, the acceptance thing has always been a problem for me. I’m fine with – and truly appreciate – general compliments and interactions but allow it to go only so far. When someone tries to get too close the wall goes up. I think part of that is my Introvert side, but past experiences have definitely left their mark – as they do for us all.

    1. Hi Marty,
      I think you are right, there is ingraining and i also think it comes from what we hear as a child- Don’t get to big for you boots still rings in my ears from my mother. yet she was always sharing my success with her friends xxo

  8. Suzie, I love your messages. Self-love, like self forgiveness is an easy thing to let slide. Being reminded to pay attention is always a good thing as it helps me maintain my focus. I, too used to go into long explanations, virtually negating compliments. I’ve finally learned to smile and say thank you. After all, I do deserve it! Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Suzie, I love your message and would love some advice: I have someone very close to me that operates in negativity. No matter what type of compliment is offered, the response always turns the discussion into a negative diatribe. It’s so frustrating and I find that I often limit my time around her. I’ve even tried to be very straight forward with her about her negativity, but all it does is make her very defensive. I’ve given up hope that she’ll ever come to understand that she contributes to her misery.

    1. Hi Kimba,
      Do you think that this person actually thrives on being negative? I know that might be hard to believe but in my experience that is the case.. I do believe that we all have a choice in the the thoughts we think and the words we speak- eg. I could have chosen to take the doomsday path when I had my kidney failure and might not be here or be on dialysis. I chose that day to live and created the mind and heart set to do it.
      I have an exercise I use with my clients that might help, although it sounds like her mind is set on a negative dial. You can heal your life is a good book to start with if you think she would read it. Have you thought to ask her why she chooses to be that way?
      If there is no movement, the only way I know is to remove myself from the equation- if it’s family it’s a challenge. Then you have to keep your vibes high > My mentor Michael Losier has a great session on this, i will see if I can find , you might even birth a blog post. xxoo

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