Listening To The Whispers of Your Heart Brings Compassion

Becoming a Guest Blogger I am delighted to announce that I am a regular guest blogger at the beautiful Zeenat Merchant Zyal’s  very popular and healing blog Positive Provocations. I will be writing there each month.My first post on Positive provocations was on was on Celebrating Abundance  earlier this month Today my second post  9 Simple Ways To Grow […]

Creating Change by Coloring The World.


Two Weeks of Joy and Frustration.  Has anyone noticed an energy shift in their lives over these past 2 weeks?  I have been experiencing a personal shift that had me refocusing my business purpose to align better with my life purpose. It hasn’t been easy. Two weeks ago there was a new moon that I read was […]

Is Joy A Choice You Make Each Day?


Can You Feel The Joy? I shared this earlier today in The Heart Whisper Circle  and I asked the other Heart Whisperers: What speaks to you here today? These were their responses. I was delighted. I love that one painting creates so many different visions and emotions. Kim: My heart whispers,” Share your joy with all who share […]

The Business Oracle Card Brings a Clear Message


  My Healing Art Gallery Is Open For Business I drew the Business  Card for the first time on Tuesday. It is from Sonia Choquette’s Ask Your Guides Oracle Deck and I just love the picture. This is a picture I am now embracing for my business. I love the Goddess Venus shining down on […]