Two Weeks of Joy and Frustration.

 Has anyone noticed an energy shift in their lives over these past 2 weeks?  I have been experiencing a personal shift that had me refocusing my business purpose to align better with my life purpose.

It hasn’t been easy.

Two weeks ago there was a new moon that I read was heralding change and shift. I painted the heart whisper above on that day and wrote these words:

and Kim from the Heart Whisper Circle wrote : “My heart whispers may your dreams move you onward toward your life goals”

Over these past 2 weeks I have had days of bliss, clarity and focus along with the questioning, self-doubting, what if days. I set some wonderful intentions that, are still sitting on that to love list!

I did think that after I launched My New Healing Art Gallery on Red Bubble just before this two week period, I would just fly. An astrology friend, Evelyn had told me just the day before I wrote that blog post to just keep planning and that after the new moon things would shift! Obviously I didn’t listen well enough.

Things have shifted! I feel like I have come the full circle


I Had A Thriving Business

Back in 1987 I started to color the world with my textile art and established what was to become a very successful Textile Art Business: Suzie Cheel Handpainted  Originals.  To do this I took a huge risk and left the security of a full time tenured position as a teacher and trainer of Child Care Workers. That would have set me up for life if have stayed in for the rest of my working life.  I chose instead to follow my dream of being an artist. Suzie Cheel Handpainted Originals

That decision and the business I created enabled me to express my creativity fully and gave pleasure  the hundreds of people who came into my world,wore, gifted and used the many different products that I produced. It colored their world.

And I was my own boss!

What happened next?

Things have their cycles. The market changed and I found business had become too much of an industrial production process for me to have the joy that I had experienced previously. I moved on.

My New  Beginning

Over the  past 2 weeks with it’s ups and downs I have come to this clarification:

My business purpose is to Color The World: Through coloring the world my higher purpose, which is to help the world experience the healing and abundance-creating power of  self-love, will be served.

I would love to hear from you about your shifts or false start experiences that you have grown from.

PS: There are new designs at My Healing Art Gallery, treat yourself to some color in your world  or a Christmas present for a loved one.


all my love

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥
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37 Responses

  1. Hi, beautifully written post, sometimes we really have to start the wrong way but eventually our path will clear while moving on the right track. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! It’s so true how life has its seasons. I also appreciate you sharing about how you left your career in teaching and training to pursue your textile art business. By the way, I love the Rainbow Love mug!

  3. Glad to be reminded of the peaks and the valleys (or as Marquita brilliantly descibes them, “poopy days”) and that I’m not alone in experiencing them.

    Gently fastening my seat belt and patiently waiting to see what’s around the next curve.


  4. I can really relate to the feeling that this is a time of discernment of how you want to express yourself in the world. I too am in a process of discernment and am enjoying the endless possibilities available to me, if only I can let go of some things I have been doing. Currently in my business I have my art and counseling combined but recently I have begun moving away from the art to give more space for my writing, speaking and counseling. There is a sadness in the letting go of what I know and how I have expressed myself but excitement that I am doing what is necessary for the next iteration of me! Thank you for your thoughtful article and honoring of the process!

    1. Thank Kelley,
      I am planning to keep writing, just kept pushing my passion back and knowing I had been successful before was surprised I have been holding myself at bay for so long. I wish you well with your shift and maybe the art will come back in a new form xxoo

  5. Wow! I love your new vision statement for your business!! I know you will help heal so many women and the WORLD with it!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. I have definitely been feeling the impact of the energy shifts. At times I feel certain about where I’m headed and at other times I seem to lack clarity. I’ve come to understand that what I perceived as false starts or failures throughout my life were actually the contrast that helped me own my life purpose. Beautiful post Suzie. <3

  7. Sometimes I feel like I’m in perpetually false start land. But then I think, no…I’m just trying different things that work at the time but then stop working so I move on to something else.

    Right now, I’m catching my breath. Fall is normally my “down time” from work and work hasn’t let up. What I’m experiencing right now is the harvest of the intentions I set on Dec 21, 2014 – winter equinox and new moon energy – and well, if it isn’t all coming to fruition right now. Honestly, all I want to do is come home from work and crochet 🙂 For some reason, that is what’s keeping me centered right now.

    It’s interesting to see how things come full circle and it looks like things are coming full circle for you. Everything you’ve learned over the past years has a role to play as you Color the World <3

    1. Peggy i love your Harvest of Intentions and love what you are unfolding in your life too. My mother was a brilliant crocheter too . I still have rugs she made, yes it feels good to accept that i have come the full circle and things now are falling into place more readily. xxoo

  8. I love the color you are sharing with the world, Suzie! Your passion brightens up my days and I know it brightens the lives of others as well! Thank you for sharing yourself so beautifully! <3

  9. Yes, I have felt this crazy shift of back & forth energy in the last few weeks! I go from clear, to doubting, to resolved in my purpose again. It has been tumultuous. Thanks for this beautiful post, which allows me to know that I may have some false starts along the way. I’m allowing myself to ease through them gently. Gorgeous artwork!

  10. I love your quote that sometimes we have to make a few false starts before the true path becomes clear. I have also found that taking action and then course-correcting along the way is so important. The tendency many of us have to want things to be certain or perfect before we do anything is usually a sure way not to get anywhere. Thanks for this inspiring post.

  11. I love reading about all your experiences Suzie, I and many women can relate to that. Many hear their heart whispers but not many follow it. Thank you for having the courage to follow yours and to inspire others to do the same. And those mugs are awesome!!!

  12. I always love your sheer sincerity on the page Suzie! Yes I have felt such tumultuous shifts in my emotions, my body and my spirit over the past few weeks as well. I’m navigating these shifting energies with as much ease and grace as I can and with a lot of compassion for myself. Thank you for this gentle loving reminder…blessings

    1. Thanks Debra I appreciate your comment, Decided it is time to be more authentic and stop hiding . I also discovered that some of my friends think I am always okay because I am such a positive person, they don’t see the others sides. xxoo

  13. It’s taken me three years after leaving FT management consulting to create a wonderful life filled with activities I love – that not only includes personal development blogging, which fulfils the psychologist side of me, but also writing fiction. Wishing you every success in this next venture!

  14. I love your honestly, Suzie. I’ve had false starts. I think initially I was interested in becoming a counselor, but changed my mind and became a teacher. After after 15 years, I left teaching. I became a blogger and then decided to pursue being a coach. I feel my initial calling of helping people called me back. Thanks for sharing your story!

  15. As I read your post, I could feel the turmoil you were going through, and the calm at the end.

    I’ve made many changes since I walked away from corporate America in 2006, and since I started my online business at the end of 2008. I believe we met in a training in January 2009.

    I don’t think of them as false-starts though. I learned something from each. The biggest change I made in the past six months is that after taking a lot of indepth training in Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing to first become a Social Media Manager and then a Local Business Consultant to local small businesses, I did that for about four years and like, Marquita, felt the pull back to coaching because I love teaching, training, and empowering. I’m working on putting together a Marketing Plan specifically for this rather than the informal way I’ve been approaching it.

    I hope you find deep satisfaction in the place where you’re at now, Suzie, and if you have to revise your plans, it will be all good, I believe.

    1. Thanks Yvonne for your insightful comment and reading this i know that i love teaching to, for me just have to structure courses and coaching so they are still coloring the world- xxoo

  16. Oh I hear you loud and clear Suzie! I left an successful ‘award winning’ coaching practice totally burned out and since then have focused on blogging and writing books but I continued mentoring writers and helping readers along the way and eventually it became clear that the coaching side of things was calling me back. But I didn’t want to go back to where I was so now I’m creating an online coaching business and it’s a whole new world with tons of twists and turns and bumps – and like you – there are grand days, and poopy days. Yesterday was a poopy day, but I know today will be better. Thanks for all you do to beautifully color our world!

    1. Marty, Thank you for sharing your story and challenges you have experienced. here is to both of us having more grand days. I am loving that I colour the world everyday, now to make it more of a business. xxoo

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