My Healing Art Gallery Is Open For Business

I drew the Business  Card for the first time on Tuesday. It is from Sonia Choquette’s Ask Your Guides Oracle Deck and I just love the picture. This is a picture I am now embracing for my business. I love the Goddess Venus shining down on the money love tree.

Venus is the goddess of love and money.  It is time for me to embrace my messages of love with money.  As Sonia Says:

I am also reminded of some of the words that Sonia wrote to me in a mini soul reading I had with her 3 years ago now. I sometimes am a slow learner. I have read this over many times and today’s card speak volumes to me of what I must do right now to fulfil my purpose.

You are here to learn to make money based on your own talents and not look to others to support you. If you do it will back-fire. You are here to find your inner powerhouse and discover and recognize your essential self worth. You are a natural champion of others and a true healer and artist. This is your purpose to uplift and create beauty.
So now I am embracing my talent, my purpose and making the shift back to being a successful business woman which I was with my Textile Business Suzie Cheel Handpainted Originals. I never had an challenges selling from my studio, at shows and to galleries.  Somewhere along the way I let fear, my inner critic or my gremlin in and make judgements about me and my art! Not a good look and definitely not good for the bank balance. This week I decided to change that and….
I am open for business. I have  launched my Healing Art Shop on Red Bubble with the paintings from my 365 day painting challenge
On Tuesday I painted Heart Whisper 249 and the completed the 5th grid in this series of 365 paintings he 200-249
I have now posted it on  My Healing Art Gallery on Red Bubble which I have been hiding from the world too. 🙂  My Facebook friend Kimberly jumped on the site a week ago and bought the first mug from the first Heart Whisper series 0-49. Read below what she has to say:
Thank you Suzie Cheel!! My FB friend Suzie designed and created all the heart images on this mug, and I love it! Suzie, when you see this can you please post a link here in the comments in case any of my friends want one, too? Peeps the photo DOES NOT do it justice, it’s just so vibrant and happy and lovely in person!!!? PS there are 2 styles of mugs- Normal and Tall 
SO  YES I AM OPEN FOR BUSINESS and there is a wonderful variety of products that you can buy. As my friend Stephanie said: Great Xmas presents!
The Heart Whisper Grids 49, 99, 149. 199 and 249 are available in all the products that Red Bubble produces. If there is a favourite heart that sings to you, let me know- I am putting at least one new one up a day
Series 5 - range1

This was a series that started back in 2011 as part of my healing process  when I started a 45 day paint a heart a day.

This is one of the single paintings: Heart Whisper 244 Field of Love that I shared this week and many people commented on and liked so I have put this one up on red bubble.


Is there a heart that speaks to you?

Please share in the comments

all my love

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥
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27 Responses

  1. Hooray for you!!! Doing cartwheels of joyful celebration of you, my wonderful artful friend. So excited to see you fully embracing this path and to see your colorful artwork spreading around the world.

  2. Suzie–I so resonate with your message and your journey. Yay you! I love what you have been creating and look forward to having my morning cappucino out of one of your new mugs which I’m off to purchase!


    1. Stephanie you have me happy dancing – as you know it has taken me a long time to really embrace my magic, you support means a lot to me , love your enthusiasm, I would love for you to share the magic with your tribes. love and hugs Suzie xxoo

  3. Suzie,

    I am so thrilled for you! Those mugs look fantastic. And every single thing you have created is awesome. I love how you are following your heart and your purpose to uplift and create beauty! I wish you success and love.

    1. Thank you Sandra yes think the mugs are going to be the biggest seller. It has taken me a long while to get back into embracing my passion and following my heart love Suzie xxoo

  4. Darling Suzie,
    I’m loving the art you have created. The energy that comes through each is gorgeous and uplifting. And now k want my very own heart mug too!!! 🙂
    Thank you for being you sweet one.
    Love and Light always,

    1. Thanks Linda, yes and now I am building my online shop here to sell the real paintings and inspired by your post this week I am going to add in my Angel Card Readings xxoo

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