Couch To Marathon In 12 Months

Couch -to -marathon

You Can’t Tell Anyone! Heather trusted me with her secret back in January and asked me to be her health accountability partner. She knew I would be honest with her. After all we have over the past 5 years supported one another on our healing journeys. In the video above Heather shares her journey and why she […]

How Do You Love You As You Start Your Day?

How do you love you

How Do You Start Your Day? Are you  being loving to you? Do you take time for you? Or do you grab a coffee and hit facebook? It’s okay sometimes I succumb. I open the phone and something pops up and i am down the rabbit hole! I was asked the other day how I started […]

How To Make April Awesome and Abundant?

Make April awesome

Welcome to April Yes a new month and time for transformation.  This is the month to step up and shine. This is the month to bring in new energy.  Are You Ready To Receive, Expect Miracles And Step Into Your Life Full of Joy? When I sat down to do the Heart Whisper Oracle reading for […]