You Can’t Tell Anyone!

Heather trusted me with her secret back in January and asked me to be her health accountability partner. She knew I would be honest with her. After all we have over the past 5 years supported one another on our healing journeys.

In the video above Heather shares her journey and why she is running the London Marathon. This is no mean feat- 26 miles- that’s 40 kilometres. She started last May only took up running last May on the suggestion of her GP to help get strong and healthy as part of her recovery after liver failure three years ago.

From liver failure to marathon success!

That was the headline in Heather’s Local paper this week


HEATHER Bestel is a well known face in her home town of Wigtown, Dumfries and Galloway where she is a therapist who works with young people. Three years ago Heather underwent 2 operations to save her life from liver failure. She then embarked on a journey to get herself back to full health. This journey led her to discover and fall in love with running. So much so that she has decided to run the London Marathon in April to raise money for a children’s cancer charity.

The charity Heather is  supporting is ‘It’s Good 2 Give‘ which offers support to young cancer patients and their families. They try to make life a little bit easier on a day-to-day basis.

Heather set out to raise £2000 for her charity. We were talking about her passion for this charity on our weekly call. Heather and I met back in 2010 in a productivity course and have been talking most  Thursday night’s since then.

We have both supported one another through major health issues. Even though we live miles apart. We are best friends who have yet to have a real hug. 🙂

I decided it was time for this best friend to support Heather’s charity.  So I decided on a Charity Art Auction of the original artworks for my Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Cards. The live plan has folded into a Silent Auction.

Update: She ran 26.2 miles and got a medal


                                             Here is the link to the video where Heather shares the marathon journey

Heart Whisper Oracle Cards Original Paintings

This is the first showing of the original paintings that became my first deck of Oracle Cards that now inspire, heal and bring more love and inner peace to the world.

Click on the painting your heart is drawn to and make a bid in the comments. At the end of the Auction I will send you an invoice with the shipping cost.  (Small $5, medium $10 Large $18 )

Are you ready to step up and discover your path to joy?  I am looking forward to speaking with you. Schedule a chat here 

I look forward to reading your comments .

All my love

 Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful
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  1. Hi Suzie, You are an exceptional woman!! I love what you are doing in helping Heather. I started to watch the video but I am not done yet. I have a chiropractor apt in an hour and I will watch the rest later tonight. I already placed a bid on a painting! Can’t wait to know more. Love you <3

  2. What a beautiful story of transformation and friendship! I honestly hope you do get a chance to meet…and hug…in person, Suzie. I’ve met several friends online who I have had the opportunity to meet in person, and it is honestly as if we have been friends and known each other forever. I love Heather’s story, because it confirms that when it comes to the human spirit…all things are possible! Love the art you have donated for this initiative and wish you both extraordinary success and continued love and peace and health! xo

    1. Hi Beverley, lovely to see your smiling face on my blog again. I agree there are so many people I know online that I would love to meet in real life. You being one of them 🙂 Thanks for your wishes xxx

  3. So many delights to choose from! It’s time for this long-distance friend to support you and your friend –
    I’ll start the bidding with $36 for the Expect Miracles painting!

  4. What an awesome journey Suzie…I’m in awe of anyone who can run 5k never mind the London Marathon, which I believe is now over. Would love to know how Heather did…I’m sure she was amazing. 🙂

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