Ready For freedom

Will You Choose The Path That Your Heart Wants You To Walk?  What are you ready for. …….? FREEDOM was the message I drew from my Heart Whisper Oracle Cards Yes I am ready to live in total freedom I decided it was time to ask for help. Time for a conversation with my guides: […]

Do You Talk To Your Guides Each Day?

Do You Talk To Your Guides Each Day

What Do My Guides Want Me To Know Today? I was shuffling my deck of cards. Focusing on my heart and some cards flew to the floor I then turned over the top card was YOUR HEART KNOWS This is the focus card for me today That said to me it is time to do […]

What Will You Magically Manifest In March?


Welcome to a new month  March is the month to magically manifest your dreams Today’s post started out with a question for me which was: How will I magically manifest money with ease and flow in March  I was thinking other people might want to manifest good health, somebody else might want to manifest a […]