Welcome to a new month 

March is the month to magically manifest your dreams


Today’s post started out with a question for me which was:
How will I magically manifest money with ease and flow in March

 I was thinking other people might want to manifest good health, somebody else might want to manifest a new relationship or more harmony in their current relationships, another might want to manifest a new spiritual practice and the lists could be pages long.

Like a bucket list

Then these words flowed onto the page of my journal

To manifest my dreams In March I will ………….

I then meditated on the words and I shuffled the Heart Whisper cards.

The first card I drew was hope with HOPE

The next card I drew was one of my favourites EXPECT MIRACLES

Very interesting reading

The  next next was LET GO

Manifest-in March

When you let go of what no longer brings you joy, you create space and allows the new to flow.

Then I turned a fourth card over and it was INNER PEACE.

This is my reading of these cards as they relate to manifesting one’s dreams magically in March:

I will I will awaken the hope that is within, knowing that I am a miracle. When I believe and focus on what it is I really want then I can expect miracles to come into my life.

I can manifest the miracles I desire by really opening my heart believing that the impossible is possible

In order to do that I still need to let go. Let go of what no longer brings me joy so I can create the space to allow myself to manifest the miracles that I do want in March.

Then this will bring me to the Inner  peace  that I both desire and need to create freedom.

To truly manifest my dreams so that I can step into  prosperity moving toward having the both physical health, financial freedom and inner peace, that comes when you love yourself fully and release all judgement


Did you receive any whispers from your heart as you read the word and or lookked at the images of the cards?

How will you answer today’s journal prompt?

To manifest my dreams In March I will ………….

Please share in the comments and reach out if you want to get true clarity on what your do want to manifest.

Pinterest-manifest magic

Open your heart to love
Dare to dream again
All my love
Suzie xo

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10 Responses

  1. I love the prompt: “To manifest my dreams in March, I will…” It emphasizes that we need to take responsibility for taking the actions that will help our dreams manifest.

  2. To manifest my dreams in March, I will…
    continue to allow and accept the Universe’s plan for me and my 2018 Mantra: Smooth smailing in sacred service.
    It’s already been a wondrous, miracle-filled 7 days! Today I was notified by Eckerd College that they want me to teach four sessions of Intuitive Dialogue Writing in their summer term. I’ll also be leading and be lecturing on a day trip, A DAY IN BALI, to the Hindu Temple of Florida in May for them.

    Tomorrow I’m headed to North American’s largest literary event, a conference of 12,000 attending the Association of Writers & Writing Programs. Best of all, it’s in my backyard of Tampa; they gifted me a $200 seniors registration discount even though I’m a 64.5-year-old and not yet 65 and; many writing sisters from my monthly Divine Dialogue Writing Circle will join me. (And I’m also hosting this half-day workshop in the midst of everything!)

    I am over-the-moon grateful to be a STUDENT and an OBSERVER; I’m now happily getting ready to ride the wave in the sea of possibilities!

    1. Lore how magical, looks like you have a lot of alignment happening for you. Love the discount, I embrace my age these days- think of all the wisdom we have. Love that the sea of possibilities- wonderful journaling prompt. Gratitude to you for sharing your magic xo

  3. I’ve been listening to the World Tapping Summit and know what I want to manifest this month, Suzie, especially with the extra guidance from your post. Much love and blessings.

    1. Hi Vatsala, Yes I listened to the Tapping Solution on the manifesting day and catching some of the others now too. So happy my post helped you too. Kep healing xxoo

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