Why Me Time Can Create The Difference You Have Been Longing For?

Focus on Freedom

Focus on FREEDOM by making sure you give yourself ME TIME each day and then the KNOWING you are enough comes easily So important to take, what I am calling the golden hour each day, time that is just for you. Today my body must’ve had a knowing. đŸ™‚ I spent a large part of […]

Are You LIVING Your Passion?

Live your passion

Heart Whisper Oracle Card Reading for the week August 19th  This week the focus card is PASSION: What is your true passion? Are you really doing something that does light up your life when you wake up in the morning? You can feel the excitement of the day ahead as you know you step out […]



  THE Abundant August HEART WHISPER ORACLE READING THE QUESTION: How will I bring in love and abundance this month? Guide me to set my intentions….. As I shuffled the cards asking for the focus for August the LISTEN card flew out. Total synchronicity I had just read an email with an exercise that was […]