Live your passion
Heart Whisper Oracle Card Reading for the week August 19th 

This week the focus card is PASSION:

When you follow the path of your heart the flame of passion will light up your life. Share on X

What is your true passion?

Are you really doing something that does light up your life when you wake up in the morning?

You can feel the excitement of the day ahead as you know you step out of bed and you can feel what’s coming will light up your life

You can really move forward with love, joy, and abundance.

passion-courage-abundanceThe challenge this week is to step into YOUR COURAGE.

Courage comes when you listen to your heart whisper, yes you can step up today and shine Share on X

The feeling you know comes from the heart

And yes it does take COURAGE to follow our PASSION because sometimes it’s going to take us right outside our comfort zone!

Often you will have to deflect comments from the naysayers- you can’t 

 * Give up your safe secure job, what will you father, mother, brother say……. 

* How will you pay…….. etc, etc, fill in your story here. 

I remember back when I decided all those years ago I left the security of the government education system – and the long annual holidays!  I know some of my friends questioned my decision to start my own textile art business. 

Yes it took courage.

It was exciting and adventurous …

And there was no shortage of challenges.

But I came through and created a successful business.

So passion and courage take us into and onto the feeling of…….


Have the courage to tap into the love that is right within our heart.

It makes us expand.

It feels good

Then we are able to really Love ourselves into Abundance™

When you release all thoughts of lack, of not being enough abundance flows. Share on X

This week focus on your PASSION, step into the COURAGE that comes when you fully love yourself and then step on to your path to ABUNDANCE.

This is for me the Journey To Freedom

I ask again

Are you living your passion? 

Are you on your journey to freedom? 

Time to live your passion?

Ready to stop the “running fast and going nowhere” game,
Finally get clear about what you really want your life and your future to look like, and be supported in taking the necessary action?

Just click on the link to grab a time in my schedule for a no-obligation chat.

with love and abundance

Suzie 💜🙏💜

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22 Responses

  1. It certainly takes courage to live our passion. The entrepreneurship path can be challenging, One has to embrace the journey, with all its ups and downs.

    I’d like to think that whether you are in a job or running your own business, it helps to love what you do. I certainly agree that one great question to ask ourselves is if we are doing something that lights up our life when we wake up in the morning.

  2. You had me with the title – Are You LIVING Your Passion? My first response was, “yes.” Then, it shifted to “maybe” and I restated the “YES!” I’m living the life I dreamed of – traveling and being where I want to be. I have a traveling companion (a Chiweenie puppy) that gifts me unconditional love no matter my mood. There’s food in my pantry and fuel in my truck. Life is an amazing adventure.

    I always love reading your fun-spirited posts, Suzie! What a great spread for this week – it’s spot on! Sending you oodles of hugs and giggles!

    1. I love your comments and you always make my heart sing. So happy it gave you a confirmation and yes to life is an amazing adventure Yes thought it was a great spread too feeling very aligned. oodles of hugs and giggles accepted with love 💜

  3. I feel so deeply grateful to be living my passion and my purpose and love your story of following your truth and loving yourself into abundance! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and joy about living through your writing Suzie! Your blogs are always a breath of fresh air!

  4. Loving this post so so much Suzie! This line is what I have been pondering over for a while now : When you release all thoughts of lack, of not being enough abundance flows.
    I need that lack to just disappear already!! 🙂

    1. Hi Zeenat,
      This line When you release all thoughts of lack, of not being enough abundance flows.

      shift your focus from Lak into abundance with choice 🙂 Focus on the abundance that you do have xxx

  5. Such a timely post. Favorite Husband and I are off on a road trip/adventure. It’s hard not to feel passion and freedom when exploring a big, beautiful country. Thanks!

  6. Yessssss
    ! It takes courage to live our passion.
    Thank you for this blog . Such a great reminder and courage encouragement on this day.

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