Let’s Make Positivity Louder

Gary Vee shared this uplifting message on  Instagram yesterday and it raised my vibes. Watch and see if it changes your vibes.

I became more determined to spread positivity. I have made this my September project here, and in the Heart Whisper Circle 

 I wrote:  Heart Whisperers

Lets Make September a month of positivity and start to create ripples of change. We can make a difference in the world.

So today I started  in a super positive mode confident about doing great things.

I did  the September Heart Whisper reading where the energy for September is Happiness and the cards for the month  Passion, Knowing and Yes.  I then did a beautiful meditation to anchor in the energy for September. You can listen here 


Then I hit a a few blocks as the day progressed. This was not what I had visioned for my day. By 4pm I was wondering where all my positive vibes had gone?  Right out the window!

I had to take action!

What to do?

I pulled out my vibe shifting tools.

  1. I asked the question: So what do I want?
  2.  I then had to get clear on  what I didn’t like about my current low vibe mood. This then gives me  clarity on what I do want
  3.  Then I hit my reset button


This changes my vibe back to being positive. I even felt the shift in my body.

This is what I show people how to do in my new Become More Abundant video training series. It’s Free

just click here or the image to raise your vibes and make the shift to becoming more abundant.



Share how you raise you vibes in the comments below, I love hearing from you.

love and abundance always

7 Uplifting Inspirations for Attracting Abundance NOW

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  1. Hi, Suzie! Thanks for this. I am battling depression now because of my failures at work and at law school. I am thankful that I have supportive family and friends. I am positive that I can survive this. Xoxo.

  2. I really like the idea of a reset button. It’s so easy to remember and use. Physically to get rid of the tension I like to take a short walk. If I can’t do that, just turning my attention to view out my window for at least 5 minutes. It lets me come back in a better frame of mind. Thanks for adding Gary’s video. He’s so right about being louder with our positivity.

  3. Suzie, your website looks lovely! I like it!

    Here are my three favorite mood-changers (for the better):
    • express gratitude, preferably written by hand, a lot (15 things you’re grateful for)
    • practice generosity — do something for someone else (with or without being asked)
    • have an orgasm (never fails!)

    1. Thanks Sue I really appreciate your feedback, need to finish now 🙂
      Yes expressing gratitude is a great reset button. Love that have an orgasm- really great one 🙂 xx

  4. I am a Gary Vee fan – thank you for sharing this video Suzie. I agree with him, we need to get louder with our joy – spread it around and pay it forward. Life is not always easy but we can make choices in every moment which support our life. I choose Happiness!

    1. Great to see you here Debra, yes Gary Vee is a reset button for many. Yes the more of us getting louder with love and positivity the more change will happen in the world. Yes choosing happiness is something I wish for more people to do. xx

  5. Thanks for the reminder to hit the reset button, Suzie. It’s something that is always available to us. I’m with Marquita, I think gratitude is a great reset. Yoga also does it for me.

    1. Thanks Elle, hope you are okay after the hurricane. Yes the rest button is a wonderful tool and loving getting back into my LOA/abundance work to share these simple yet effective tools xx

  6. Hi Suzie—-loved the video! How I turn myself around is to first catch myself being negative —-then I “see” a line with a bit + at the right end and a – at the left end. I try to see where I am on that line and then imagine moving myself toward the + end. Weird, huh? 🙂 but it seems to work for me—and I ask for divine help doing this.
    Love to you—–and the Body Code webinar was wonderful—-gonna get the book! Thanks for letting me know about it!

    1. Jean, love that image of the line, no not weird, I get that and see the picture you have. I know I think this work with both Emotion and Body code Excited to see how this works for you xx

  7. I LOVED Gary’s video too! I have watched it a few times now and am meditating on it as I have had some struggles with my own voice and how to best use it when the negativity of this world weighs me down. Loved your tips Suzie!! #Reset

  8. Love Gary Vaynerchuk and in this video his energy was less frenetic and more heart-centred. I really felt his mission to spread light and positivity, Suzie! Thanks for sharing it.

    For myself, I often find getting outside and taking a walk really shifts my energy. Especially when the sun is shining and there are lovely cloud landscapes above too. Sometimes I do believe it is okay to stay in the down or negative place, as often it has much to teach us about ourselves. It is the way through to the other side. Thanks for sharing your ‘reset’ button idea, as that’s a wonderful tool for us all to have in the moments when we are ready to shift and reset. xo

    1. Hi Beverley,
      Yes i agree with your reflection on Gary- he is maybe mellowing 🙂 It really touched me to create change. Yes the sun and sea are resets for me and cloud landscapes i love too. Yes the contrast of the – and + are great teachers. xo

  9. Inspiring as always Suzie! I am probably one of the most “positive thinking” people you’ll ever meet – annoys the hell out of some people. 🙂 After reading your post I was trying to think of what my “reset” button is, and what I came up with was an enormous sense of gratitude. I’ve had my share (maybe a little more) of the bad stuff, so it’s pretty easy for me to look around now and see all of the things I have to be grateful for and that helps to put things and life in general into proper perspective.

    1. I resinate with you , I know when I had my kidney failure an old friend says if anyone cane pull through this you will you are the most positive person I know ! Yes gratitude is a reset button for me too, and such a powerful one too. as is the beach. Are you missing living near the beach ? xx

  10. I love your ‘Reset’ button, Suzie! There is so much synchronicity here between your post and the green cape/red cape idea, isn’t there?

    I think this work, of changing the direction of our lives, is the greatest work we could ever do.

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