3 Ways You Can Reset Your Vibes To Be Positive

Let’s Make Positivity Louder Gary Vee shared this uplifting message on  Instagram yesterday and it raised my vibes. Watch and see if it changes your vibes. I became more determined to spread positivity. I have made this my September project here, and in the Heart Whisper Circle   I wrote:  Heart Whisperers Lets Make September a month of positivity and […]

Your May Abundance Reading

Heart-Whisper-May- Reading

The Focus For May Is Freedom The Heart Whisper Oracle card reading sets the focus for May. Starting with the Freedom card with the underlying message of letting go of fear. This can lead to being and feeling and having more  abundance and joy in you life.  Watch the video and reflect. See what arises for you as you listen to the messages. […]

How I Became The Heart Whisperer


Loving and Owning being the Heart Whisperer Last week at her birthday party my friend Amy introduced me as the Heart Whisperer. Then Laura Rubenstein asked me if I had shared on my blog, the story of how I became the Heart Whisperer . NO I replied! I had shared my story on Blog Talk radio when I had been being interviewed […]

What Does Your Inner Wisdom Want You To Know Today?


Do You Pay Attention To The Messages You Receive From Your Angels?  Maybe you feel a little nudge, a whisper in your ear? Yesterday I heard as I was preparing to meditate “Do a card reading first!” I picked up my Daily Guidance Oracle cards from Doreen Virtue and started to shuffle the cards. While […]