Creativity-color-chakrasThe Intuitive Heart Week One: The Chakras

On November 1 I decided to make a commitment to paint daily as part of my self-love journey and was inspired to do this through a 45 day challenge at The Boundless Living Challenge. back in 2008 I had participated in the first BLC set up by Bob Doyle and had finally got my book Emergings published.

I began what I called The Intuitive Heart Series and what I know is a great way to start my day, to feel good and raise my vibes.

The 45 paintings will become part of my book and the story on self- love as a journey to healing. I have been painting each morning when I first get up. I allow the colors to be drawn to me so each painting is intuitive. The first week I have painted the colors of the chakras. I think that balancing my chakras is part of my healing journey.

On reflection this was interesting as just before I landed up in hospital I was painting a color prescription series based on the chakras. So far I had posted the first 3 chakras: Base, Sacral and Solar. The next one was to be the Heart Chakra, the paintings were completed, the post just not completed. Now I am working very much from my heart chakra.

I will be sharing the rest of this series here over the next 30 days as part of Leeza Robertson’s 30 day Energy Exchange Blog Challenge. I have chosen to do this as I want to share my art and also give myself a daily routine and this is a message I keep getting from within. I will get more clarity and will delight in getting your comments on my art too.

Live in abundance, be the change and make a difference TODAY!


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