The Architecture of Abundance

Abundance Books: The Architecture of Abundance

I am currently reading 3 books on abundance, each has a different focus. I have said I would share Abundance resources  and these books are a great addition to your Abundance  and prosperity library. The first one is

The Architecture of AbundanceThe Architecture of All Abundance: Seven Foundations to Prosperity by Lenedra J. Carroll has been sitting on my bookshelf for several months now unopened until last week.  I  like Lendra’s style of writing and this is a personal account of her Journey to Freedom. As Lenendra states in the preface: “I have lived elements of a “rag to riches” life . I have experienced times of severe lack, but I now live a gracious and abundant life……”

The book has 7 foundations all titled Architecture of: 1: Life-The story of Leandra’s Childhood  2: Stillness -meditation 3: Prosperity 4:Workplace 5; Health 6: Love 7: The Soul

I am looking forward to finishing reading this book that is filled with wonderful quotes, Lenedra shares her experience and practices One reviewer of the book said : It is a book that asks what happens when an individual heeds the urgings of the soul rather than having the soul subject to the ego. Carroll says “the answers are found in the individual and collective journey into our Being and in the stillness that leads us there. For me, being reminded to let go of my ego and look more deeply into the mysteries of life, is always refreshing.

The other 2 books we will look at this week are Abundance Alchemy: Journey Of Gold by my friend and fellow abundance blogger Evelyn Lim. and The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price which I wrote about last week and on Tuesday Jan 11th you can join in the 4o Day Prosperity Plan on Facebook

I would love for you to share your favorite books on Abundance in the comments

In abundance

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Suzie Cheel

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Suzie Cheel The Real Deal BE YOU BECOME ABUNDANT is her mantra Suzie is a Creative Gamechanging Visionary, Artist, Author, Intuitive Healer & Speaker. Law of Attraction trainer. The founder of The Heart Whisper Movement, creator of the Heart Whisper Oracle Cards that were born out of a near death experience, when her kidneys stopped functioning. Suzie found her true purpose here. . She was here to open people’s hearts to love. Her mission: to empower people to create abundant lives, through being powered by love and living their passion. Yes, Love Yourself into Abundance™. Suzie now mentors Creative Visionaries to Love themselves into Limitless Abundance & live a life of Freedo. Then they create successful profitable businesses that make a difference to their lives, their families, communities and the world. Yes creating ripples of change in the word of Gandhi Be the change you need to see in the world



10 thoughts on “Abundance Books: The Architecture of Abundance”

  1. My all time favorite book on abundance is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I read and or listen to this book throughout the year. Having read many books on abundance, success, and LOA principles, this is by far my favorite.

  2. Hi Suzie, I found this from an online search and I recognized you from the Visionary Female Authors group. Happy to connect this way too. Thanks for sharing the Marc Allen interview. It’s a great story from “poverty” to wealth. His words.

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