Creating Abundance in April


Welcome to April The month of ABUNDANCE Yesterday I decided to draw a goddess card and it was Freya: BOLD Then today I wrote: I release my fears, I am no longer settling Because I am BOLD! Today I was called to draw a card first from one of my favorite decks, that I attracted […]

When I Am Fully Aligned


Daily Whisper Today I started my morning with these words I am fully aligned when I am……… Then I drew the card. PROSPERITY Then  I picked up my pen and wrote these words  I am prospering on my path to true ABUNDANCE. I am following the path of my heart, being me and sharing of […]

When You Love You The Doors To Prosperity Open

Prosperity Comes When Fully LOVE You!

Prosperity Comes When Fully LOVE You I have started to journal my way to riches each day. I asked myself the question before I did my oracle card reading : why am I feeling stuck in relation to my income? You could ask this in relation to your life, health, relationship,  income or business. I chose the […]

Attracting Abundance By Seeing Only Love

See only Love

This morning I drew this card from Doreen Virtue’s Angels Daily Guidance card deck and then meditated on these words from  day 12 of The 40 Day Prosperity Plan. I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to understand, and to know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and Substance […]