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Creating Abundance is the theme for April

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The abundance I have in my life brings me……………

feelings of joy love and freedom.

As I drove to the beach this morning I was feeling so abundant. I had woken up to the magic of the full moon still high in the sky I  checked into my phone, I know no checking email/fb etc, 🙂

I have been having a no phone Internet policy till after I have done all my morning rituals which usually includes my walk on the beach.

I discovered I was one of the winners of Denise Wakeman’s 5 day instastory challenge wow I was feeling so blessed.

A few weeks ago I had been gifted, a reading from Cheryl Hart, another random draw. The manifesting muscle is working well.

This reading from Cheryl and my guides was very important, you might even say a pivoting point. I will be writing more about this tomorrow. 

beach clouds

Now I am here at the beach.

Where there is so much abundance:

The blue sky is so strong

The patterns in the clouds and

the Azure of the Sea which is quite flat today freat for me to do my exercises in  rather than in the pool.

 a walk on the abundance of soft clean sand.

What do my guides have to whisper to me today?


Keep dreaming big and do



Expect Miracles Tee

As you step into the love that you know you are, then


comes when you know you are enough, more than enough.knowing

Your self esteem is high, then

Then you move closer to having the Radiant Health, Financial Freedom and Inner Peace that you desire.

This is perfect for me today.

Does this reading and today’s prompt speak to you?

Share in the comments what the abundance you now have in your life is bringing you today.

All my love 


Suzie  xxoo






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  1. I totally needed this inspiration Suzie. I have been juggling so much these days..I get the feeling sometimes…when will it all be enough..and really it already is 🙂 Really really love this-> the doors to abundance do open as you are ready to receive. <3

    1. thanks Elle, I really have to share my artwork with the world so other people have it hung on their walls . yes once we allow it becomes easier to manifest xo

  2. Love your message, Susie. Congrats on your recent accomplishments. This is a very encouraging post.

  3. Honestly, I don’t relate to this whole idea of abundance. But I do have an abundant life and I’m profoundly grateful for it. I especially appreciate all the sources of wisdom and beauty in my life.

    1. Your comment Sandra brought up for me that Abundance is a feeling- something that we embody. It can have us smiling and living a life full of positivity.
      People who focus on the negatives, are in lack etc are the opposite.
      I know you live an abundant life and as we are grateful and appreciate more we can feel more abundance xxoo

  4. Really I got stuck at the morning rituals prior to the facebook/email deal. I can feel what a huge difference that would make in my life. Allowing more abundance for sure. Thank you Suzie for this inspiration!

  5. I love the way you described the morning, Suzie, I could visualize it and it was beautiful. I follow the no internet policy until I’ve done my morning prayer and had that essential first cup of coffee. 🙂

    Abundance for me at this point in time is receiving the support that I have needed in the last few weeks. The best part, when I trusted that the Universe would provide for me, the supporters appeared as if by magic. I’d been out of touch with a few of them and they were the ones who remembered me and established contact just in time for when I really needed them!

  6. Suzie, your Joy of Abundance is infections, and it is something I loved catching from your blog. You are one of the most positive people I know. With the launch of my book on April 17th stressing me out just a bit, your blog was a breath of fresh air. I was there with you, smiling, and walking on the beach. You, and your blogs, serve an important purpose in life. They ground us in Joy.

  7. Beautiful visuals. One of the things I’m grateful for in terms of abundance is flexibility of my time. I am able to work from just about anywhere I want to, follow my husband when he travels and get to see different parts of the country.
    When you have an abundance of time and flexibility, it’s easy to squander it away. I try to manage those so that I can appreciate them and enjoy my life.

    1. Thank you love your abundance. Claudette that filled my heart with joy as zI read your comment- such a beautiful life you have created for yourself- sounds so abundant xo

  8. I love this inspiring blog Suzie and your self-nurturing practices in the morning, especially walking at the beach! I totally agree that gratitude for our blessings fuels our joy and I love your encouragement around radiant health, financial freedom and inner peace. I am grateful for you and the love and light you bring to the world!

  9. So many “seeds” are about to bloom — I’m feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. Today’s abundance includes a home visit from the acupuncturist which always feels amazing. Thanks for the topic.

  10. Yes Lore 20 mins is no distance, mind you being only 5 mins makes it so easy. Yes the beach just sings abundance xo Thank you for your praise- not always as dedicated as i want to be , getting closer xx

  11. We are indeed Sistahs as I always feel GREAT ABUNDANCE at the beach! I need to get there more often as it’s only 20 minutes away and ranked as one of the best beaches IN THE WORLD.
    Congratulations on your many manifestations, Suzie. I so admire your dedication to “walking your talk” and I am happy to see your efforts being recognized and applauded by the Universe.

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