April-abundanceWelcome to April

The month of ABUNDANCE

Yesterday I decided to draw a goddess card and it was Freya: BOLD


Then today I wrote:

I release my fears,

I am no longer settling

Because I am BOLD!

Today I was called to draw a card first from one of my favorite decks, that I attracted several years ago at the Tweed Hospital fete! Since I launched my own deck I rarely use The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms from Collete Baron-Reid.

I wonder if this is the sign I need to complete the Inner Wisdom deck?

The card I drew today was:


Gaia’s Garden: fruition, abundance, reaping what you sow.

Perfect for my my intention for manifesting abundance for this month. This is the time that success will come from the fruits of your intentions. This is the time to share your gifts with the world. Remember in Gaia’s you have everything that you need to make your dreams come true. There is no lack. 🙂   

This is a beautiful start to this magical month of April.


Now for the reading for the month from the Heart Whisper Oracle Deck.


How will you embrace your abundant self as you start this new month?

Meditate on this question today and see what flows from your heart.

What area of your life do you want to create more abundance in, in April?

What’s your focus on abundance going to be?

I meditated first before I drew the cards and this is the message that’s come through for the whole month.

Yes take ME TIME each day. This is so important for you to create abundance first from within your own heart That means taking 10 + minutes to meditate and then journal on your intentions.

FOLLOW YOUR HEART whispers as they will guide you to

your BOLD next steps so you do step up and shine this month.

This  leads you on your path to PROSPERITY where you will manifest the abundance you desire.


Does this reading speak to your heart?

Are you looking to create more abundance into your life in April?

What area of abundance will you choose to attract more abundance in in April?










Or something that didn’t spring to my mind.

All my love

Suzie xo





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