Prescription 9
Prescription 9 © Suzie Cheel April 2011♡

Do you sometimes suffer from feeling what you have done is not good enough? Prescription 9 was  was just that feeling for me. When I took the painting out of the scanner I found myself comparing this painting to Prescription 8.  I got that “It’s not as good as…” feeling and the mind checked in: “Maybe I’ll add to…….”, I was about to head back to my painting area and I stopped and realized that Little Miss Perfection had surfaced and self doubt had reared it’s ugly head!

It is amazing when deep down I and that inner small voice know I am talented etc, EGO and the what if factor checks in!!!!!

What do you do when the What If Factor Checks in?

Live in abundance, be the change and make a difference TODAY!
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8 Responses

  1. I sometimes feel that but I realize it is not good. Negative self-talk is often riddled with self-doubt. We look at what others are achieving, compare ourselves, and question whether we have what it takes. We self-assess against standards that we invent before we know what the real expectations are. Self-confidence is as much about being willing to explore an opportunity as it is about being able to execute an assignment.


    1. Hi Lynne,
      I like that Lynn Self-confidence is as much about being willing to explore an opportunity as it is about being able to execute an assignment. I also think that when we step into our power our self confidence can soar.:)

  2. Beautiful painting…I think I have that not good enough when I am more of in a creative mode vs. any other time. When I poor my heart in it and then I will step away from it and come back and think…that’s not that great and then someone else will love it. I suppose it’s a matter of truly believing in one’s ability to create and it’s beautiful because it comes from the right place!

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Love your comment, yes it is about trusting from the heart and leaving the head outside:) I believe when it comes from the heart we are in tune with who we truly be

  3. Suzie, I like this one too very much, lots of color. I love the turquoise, greens and pink. It’s just different but still beautiful in its uniqueness. I’m glad you didn’t go back and make any changes because I think it is lovely as it is.
    I do know how you feel about the “not good” and I know that mindset has been a big hindrance to me expressing my creativity. I had some of that crushed out of that growing up and I have come a long way.
    My sister is a very skilled color pencil artist and so when I would draw, I struggled with comparing myself to her. I feel like a second grader next to her drawings 🙂 but then she has totally focused on art for her whole life and makes her living doing it
    while I have done many other things.
    I think I would do more art if I could get past that mindset.
    It’s hard at this age to let yourself be in those beginning awkward stages.
    And also the taking the time to do art is an issue. I’ve focused more of my creativity into my writing. Also, starting an online biz is so demanding, kind of like having a newborn baby. 🙂
    Maybe if I took 15 min…hum…

    Keep up the painting and let each one be just different.


    1. Hi Sharon,
      You have inspired me as i hear many people say what you have here and being told at 12 I couldn’t draw so I couldn’t draw I understand exactly what you are saying. I have an up tap your creativity course I ran many years ago where people who hadn’t picked up a crayon or paint brush since they were 7 or 8 discovered their creativity. It is so empowering.
      yes I will keep up the paining and just allow what comes to flow

  4. I have that come into my head a lot. I suppose it comes from years of growing up with a father who, no matter what I did, never felt I did enough or did something well enough. It has followed me into adulthood even though I know he isn’t the one in control anymore. I do my best to sort it through with the help of friends and family and a growing awareness of how much I do really well, if I pay attention and stay out of my head for a while.

    1. Hi Michele,
      I can just hear those words. I know when i used to be asked to complete the question I am….and out would come not good enough. I have done a lot of work on myself to move beyond that
      let me know if I can help:)

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