How To Make April Awesome and Abundant?

Make April awesome

Welcome to April Yes a new month and time for transformation.  This is the month to step up and shine. This is the month to bring in new energy.  Are You Ready To Receive, Expect Miracles And Step Into Your Life Full of Joy? When I sat down to do the Heart Whisper Oracle reading for […]

How To Fill Your Life With Love


LISTEN Are You Really, Really Listening To The Whispers of Your Heart? This is the painting that I did for the Listen card from the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Card Deck. It was the card I drew today as the focus for the day that inspired the meditation I did  in the Heart Whisperers group. Here […]

Branding Breakthrough: Yes, Do Be True, Brand You!

The Branding Merry-Go-Round In a process that’s been going since March  finally my brand came together. If you have been reading and following my blog this year you will have noticed there have been just a few different looks as I explored who I am and who I serve. There was the bright bold look with […]

When You Follow Your Heart You Can Move Towards Inner Peace

July Abundance Heart Whisper Reading Here is the reading I have just done for July for you. ( 5 mins)  Its a time for reflection at this midway time of the year. Look back on the intentions you set maybe back in January and as are you listening to and following your heart? With the […]