The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. – H. P. Lovecraftis 

Are you following your heart’s desire or does fear stop you? 

The title for this post came to me in a meditation last week and then as if the universe was in sync, I discovered as I made my tour around the blogosphere,  as I opened my email and then on Facebook others were writing about the same topics- Desires, Dreams and FEAR

How many of you get stopped by FEAR? I know I do!

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Dreaded fear of the what if syndrome
  • Fear of stepping out and moving beyond your comfort zone
  • Fear of change
  • Fear of  not being enough
  • Fear of making a mistake
  • Fear of  waking up
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of being discovered!  Now that means you do have to come out of hiding 🙂  and I am sure you can add more.

Is Fear an Illusion?

Robin Easton says:The monster called “Fear” has a seemingly very “reasonable” way of tricking us back into our complacency, our inactivity, and even our deadness. However, I’ve found that fear is more often than not an illusion.”

FEAR so often stops us living our dreams, yet when we take that one courageous step forward new ways of being spring forth. It is then we can shine our light and live our dream, our heart’s desire and be the hero or heroine in our own life. I know so often I get stopped by fear of the dreaded what if syndrome. Yet we probably have all seen the acronym  for fear False Evidence Appearing Real and this is what I so often forget. It’s not real it what we think, we just don’t know. this can have us playing small as well as missing I believe much joy not to mention golden opportunities that will pass by.

When we can tap into out heart’s desires and step into our dreams we wake up and begin to shine our light and miracles can happen. We will then experience more feelings of joy and abundance not to mention those of love and empowerment.

How do we overcome our fears? How do we remain fearless?

On my journey around my favorite blogs I discovered a wonderful resource from Tess at The Bold Life :  75 Ways to remain fearless. Just a few if these ways will move you forward. One of my  favorites is no 48: Radiate abundance. Prosperity is a knowing. Think abundant thoughts, make abundant choices, be an abundant person. I know that when you live in and from abundance the way you see yourself and the world will change in a positive way

We need to take action to move out of out fear as  Kathleen Gage said in the email I opened that morning “Oprah didn’t happen upon her success. Nope. She failed a bunch of times and had to deal with the fears that haunted her. She got it wrong long before she got it right. Many people don’t realize that Oprah’s first television debut was a complete failure, but that didn’t hold her back. She rose above seemingly insurmountable odds (and lots of getting it wrong) to become one of the most influential women in history”

Today I feel like I am starting out on a new journey to move out of my comfort zone and shine my light. The past 14 months I have been able to hide behind my illness and my fractures and  really putting myself out there again takes courage and I am listening closely to my heart’s desire, my heart whispers and following my intuition. It feels good and I am happy to be moving forward fearlessly.

Fear is not you enemy it is your compass pointing you to areas you need to grow– Steve Pavlina

Will you take a step forward towards your heart’s desire today?


Suzie Cheel

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