Inspiration and Healing Hands

  My hands radiate healing energy, I trust my inner wisdom, Your hands send healing energy across the globe, touching and awakening I feel a tingling sensation as I allow the energy to flow Bringing vibrant health, opening into love and being at peace – Suzie Cheel This morning I was drawn to my painting […]

Are You Ready To Take Action?


Or Do You Hold Yourself Back? Do you sometimes have a task to do that you know will both empower you and move you forward? Today I took action on a exercise that will create space, clear the clutter and give me and the space I live and work in more energy. I have been […]

So What is Abundance?


Abundance Defined…… This week I have been focusing on abundance so I thought today I would look at the word Abundance. There are many definitions and the word can be used in many ways. The wiktionary: defines abundance as: noun An overflowing fullness; ample sufficiency; great plenty; profusion; copious superfluity; wealth: A lack of scarcity. […]