See only LoveThis morning I drew this card from Doreen Virtue’s Angels Daily Guidance card deck and then meditated on these words from  day 12 of The 40 Day Prosperity Plan.

I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to understand, and to know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and Substance of all my good.

After my morning meditation I usually journal and as part of the 40 day Prosperity Plan it is suggested that after you meditation that you record any thoughts in your spiritual journal.

These are the words that flowed from my pen today:

I allow love to flow and as love flows, abundance shows up in all areas.
Being abundant is an expression of your own self-worth.
Are you seeing all the abundance that you experience on a daily basis?
Look around you now, you are the source of your abundance.

Then it was time for the morning beach walk and swim. The beach is my happy place, where I always feel so abundant and where I go if I need to raise my vibes.  Today felt special, I felt like singing and dancing along the beach- yes I did 🙂 then walking along I looked down and saw this heart shaped stone. I did feel totally in sync with the words I had written in my journal. I also felt so much love for the beauty of mother nature who provides me with so much abundance in so many different ways.

Beach Love

What abundance will show up for you today when  you allow the love to flow?

in loving abundance

Suzie Cheel

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  1. It also happens to me sometimes – some delight fills my heart with no particular reason. I know that it is God’s grace and my heart is singing. At such moments I’m eager to do whatever is needed and I’m sure of its success.

    1. Hi Anna,
      I love what you have written that your heart is singing- keep listening to that heart it always has a special message for you

  2. Lovely post Suzie! I love Doreen Virtue – Thanks God for her and her courage to share her gifts ABUNDANTLY with the world!! Thanks God for Louise Hay too for providing her with a “home” through which she could deliver! Thanks Suzie for the ALWAYS wonderful reminder to SEE ONLY LOVE and thanks for your way cool picture too! Love those Heart Stones – I collect them too!

    Peace is in you…


    1. Hi Amethyst,
      Welcome yes I love Doreen and her work too. I would love to go to Hawaii this year to do her Angel Therapy training too.
      Amazing those heart stones, I only have a couple- will be more aware now when i am beach walking. thaks for the comment on the way cool picture- it was amazing how it was wedged in the sand.
      in loving abundance

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