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Just before Christmas I was looking over my bookshelves to see if there was a book there I had yet to read or wanted to reread and I came across The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price which includes in it the 40 Day Prosperity Plan. I have done this several times in the past. I decided this would be a great start to the year and on Monday  I began rereading the book and will post the daily exercise on my facebook page. I just had an idea- maybe this could be an event on facebook- starting next week and I will post the daily meditations on my page. Ideally you will have read the book or listened to the MP3. The book and MP3 are available through Amazon, for Australians there are 7 copies on Ebay at $11 each.

I have used a journal where each morning I have written down the day’s meditation, I then meditate for 15 mins on the affirmation/prayer of the day after which I journal any thoughts, impressions that arise from my meditation. Did I mention that if you miss a day, you start again at day 1 🙂

About the bookDo you want more money and prosperity in yourlife? Then shift from a consciousness of effects (materiality) to a consciousness of Cause (spirituality). When you give power to an effect, you’ve gifing it your power. You’re actually giving the effect power over you. Does money have power? If you say yes, then you’ve given it your power and you’ve become the servant. You’ve reversed the roles. The Inner Presence – the You of you – is truly the moneymaker!

John Randolph Price is an internationally known award-winning author and lecturer. Formerly a CEO in the corporate world, he has devoted over a quarter of a century to researching the mysteries of ancient wisdom and incorporating those findings in the writing of many books. In 1981, he and his wife, Jan, formed The Quartus Foundation, a spiritual research and communications organization now headquartered in the Texas hill country town of Boerne, near San Antonio.

Leave a comment below or over on Facebook if you would like to join in the 40 day prosperity plan.

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  1. Hello Suzie,

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I am always looking for new resources and books to add to my personal library. The Abundance Book sounds like a great book for me to purchase. I like your ideas to add them to your Facebook page daily.

    I joined your page and look forward to more connections.

    Have a wonderful day,


    1. Hi Cindy,
      I will be adding more Abundance resources this week and I look forward to connecting with you in the tribe on Fabebook.
      Thanks I am having a wonderfully abundant day

  2. Hi Suzie. Every time I come to your page I feel inspired by you. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and devotion to helping others help themselves. I will definitely check you out on Facebook and perhaps join your meditation group : )

    1. Hi Jasmine,
      You make my heart sing as i know my purpose is to inspire. Would love to have you join in the meditation- is there are enough people I might set up a room where we can discuss out abundance

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