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Do You Celebrate You?

Thanks to Lisa Murray for her post Stop Comparing Start Celebrating that I discovered the Declaration of Blog Lovin Tour and decided to join in. This weeks topic Celebration was at the front of my mind. I thought of the post I wrote a year ago  Are you Celebrating Your Life today? when I was celebrating being alive! Another year on and while I am still on the healing path I realised maybe I wasn’t celebrating the wonder of ME  and all I have to celebrate.

Do you stop and celebrate :

Do you stop to celebrate in the moment and say: Look what I attracted to me when you find a $5 note, are gifted a meal, a cup of coffee, a speaking gig, a new opportunity to share your story or to be on The Insight Biz Booster Expo that came across my path last week. Do I always stop and celebrate in the moment NO! I sometimes forget.

Why Celebrate in the Moment? It raises your vibes  and you can start to believe in the magic that is you

I them remembered this poem that is a celebration of you and me, when we are fully celebrating our magic., ENJOY


This is what I want to do
This is exactly how I want to live my life
Consciously taking risks and having a good time doing it
Expanding my total presence without embarrassment or denial of my power,
Your power, divine power – in this moment.
Putting everything right out here on the line
And then daring to really be myself.
Choosing to step beyond the lines I know and love so well
And deliberately risk everything I’ve build up so far to keep myself comfortable
But over and over and over Again and again
Until I experience my full potential
As a soul, as a teacher, as a woman, as a transformer.

I want to live this life – my life – to the fullest
And continually stretch and relax my boundaries out to include more.
Amongst other things I want to experience an unplanned moment
An unpremeditated, unemancipated, unexpected, uncontrolled moment.
And when it happens, I want to recognize it Let go, open to it
And release my pictures of what the successful moment looks like
And of how I should perform within that moment
And simply surrender and trust my unknown abilities
And let my spirit rush into that space and show itself
Fully, authentically, magically, miraculously, splendidly,
Wonder-fully – the works.

And I want to be substantially different as a result
I expect that moment to make a difference to the rest of my life
And I want there to be a difference in the world because of the
choices made in that single moment
And, since I don’t know when that moment’s coming
I want to experience all moments as possible entry points –
Just in case this is IT –
And stay conscious and be present to myself, to you, to what’s
Happening now – within me and between us –
Along with all the possibilities of what can happen next.
I want to see clearly whatever’s going on and respond to it.

And I don’t want to feel like I’m doing this on my own I want friends to help.
I want to feel close and touched, loved and empowered by God’s Living grace –
you folks
So that together we can celebrate our full power as women making a difference
Together we can celebrate our full power as men making a difference
And together we can apply our spiritual passion for life
And build a planet of light and transformation which really works
Within our lifetimes.

-Joy Drake

Are you taking time to celebrate you?

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25 Responses

  1. I love the idea of celebrating the moment and the way it lifts up our spirits. I’m so happy you are here a year later, taking us deeper and wider and bigger into love.

    1. Hi Sandra and welcome back
      Your comment warms my heart and brings a smile. I love that: taking us deeper and wider and bigger into love- it ihas been and continues to be both a challenging and exciting journey into the heart
      love Suzie♡

  2. “And together we can apply our spiritual passion for life
    And build a planet of light and transformation which really works
    Within our lifetime”
    YES! I love it. I am celebrating me.
    A question I’ve asked daily for a while but got out of the habit of doing is “What am I grateful for about me today?”
    It helps me do see that I have people that celebrate me and breathe that in for a moment. Thanks for the reminder, truly.

    1. Welcome Victoria,
      That is a great question “What am I grateful for about me today?” rather than “What am I grateful for today?” Wow that would raise the vibes and the esteem 🙂

      My pleasure- yes it is good to have the reminders♡

  3. Osho has a card with 2 tree trunks on it called Comparison and I pull it ALL the time! This is such a good reminder for me to celebrate and not compare because I still OBVIOUSLY need that reminder 🙂

  4. I think celebrating is so much fun. I have really gotten on a role of celebrating as much as I can. Just last week I celebrated everything from pulling up to a parking meter to find over an hour of parking left on the meter from the last person (free parking for me yeah!!) to making a dinner for the family that kept them all super quiet and obviously enjoying their food , out of what seemed like nothing in the fridge. Super fun!

    I do find that celebrating another persons things still come a little more naturally and quickly but I am moving into a place where I celebrate me a little more instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

    1. Hi Kate,
      Try say look what i attracted to me and do a happy dance. I know what you mean though easier to celebrate others over ourselves- sounds like you are doing great ♡

  5. This is a great reminder…we so often celebrate others and forget about ourselves. I love that you point out that to do this NOW raises our vibration…very powerful. Thank you!

    1. Hi Deanna,
      Yes that is so true, sometimes it is easier to celebrate others wins, than out own- i often think it may go back to what we heard as children too :)♡

  6. Oh, what a good poke in the ribs. I haven’t been of late, so tired! And I didn’t reveal for even a moment in the thank you I received from my husband for the nice dinner I had prepared. I should have done, but maybe I’ll do it better when I’ve had 10 hours sleep!! 7 isn’t doing it for me! 😉

  7. Hi Suzie! Wow, YES! I will celebrate with you and with all of these other wonderful, miraculous friends you have attracted! I really did need to be reminded of this (and much else) today. I forget what I “know” so often when something overwhelming comes along. But I am using gratitude and wonder and celebration to be NOW and to know that all of the other “NOWS” will be just fine, too. <3

    1. Hi jean,
      Wonderful to see you here.and your comment makes my heat sing, thank you. Yes gratitude and wonder and celebration and being present with what is does help.
      with love
      Suzie ♡

  8. Hi Suzie…I just found your blog and am happy to CELEBRATE with you all the things you mention. I am a person that loves to celebrate each and every great thing that occurs in my life and the lives of everyone around me. ANY excuse for a party or celebration is my motto. I so agree that celebration gives us each a chance to stop and be GRATEFUL for all the good that we have in our lives. AND if we don’t celebrate, so many of the gifts of our lives just disappear and are forgotten. Thanks for the great reminder….. ~Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy and welcome,
      Love that you love to celebrate and thanks for you inspiration i am sure you delight many with your enthusiasm.
      So true what you say that when we don’t celebrate we forget and often become disheartened.

  9. I love to celebrate!!! I didn’t always. It’s fun to stop and get excited about finding a penny on the ground. 🙂 It may not be much but it is one penny more than I had before! The reality is the results aren’t as important as many believe. Set your intention on your results and then enjoy the actions along the way. How often do we get to the end and think, “Is this it?” If we celebrate the whole way then it’s another celebration and off to the next adventure! In the moment is the best place to be, there is 0 regret in this moment. In the past there is a lot of regret, in the future is a lot of fear, right now is just right now and why not enjoy it? Love ya!!!!

    1. Hi Michele,
      Thanks for your wonderful insight. yes I realised as i was writing this that to celebrate makes you feel good and like doing a happy dance your body responds with joy.
      Yes in the moment is the best place to be.
      hugs and love right back at you xxoo

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