7 Abundance Quotes That Will Open Your Heart To Gratitude


Do you embrace the feeling of abundance which opens us into gratitude? Today I am sharing 7 abundance quotes that I believe will open your heart to gratitude. Yes when we are grateful we open our hearts to be receiving of my love which in turn brings more abundance. One of my own abundance quotes is: 1. Be […]

The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity: Part Three


Lesson In Branding From The Big Guys The journey continues and branding was at the fore for me this week. I had been working on my brand and asking these questions: How do you feel about your brand? How do other people feel about your brand? How do you see my brand? What values do you relate […]

My 3 Words for 2016


Why 3 Words? The last few years I have chosen 1 word for the year Last year it was trust In 2014 it was courage in 2013 it was abundance In 2012 I started a series word of the week that was a great idea that i might revive one day This year I thought my word […]

Is Joy A Choice You Make Each Day?


Can You Feel The Joy? I shared this earlier today in The Heart Whisper Circle  and I asked the other Heart Whisperers: What speaks to you here today? These were their responses. I was delighted. I love that one painting creates so many different visions and emotions. Kim: My heart whispers,” Share your joy with all who share […]