* When comes to creative projects, do you feel like you are a great “starter” but not a very good finisher?” ~ Marney Makridakis
Do you have a list of uncompleted projects?:
  • that are maybe sitting on you computer…..
  • In your to do book you made specially for all you inspirations that are going to create change?
  • Might be in boxes, baskets or on shelves waiting for the creative spark to reemerge
  • Maybe a book in journals and boxes as well as on the computer just waiting to be written. I did keep my first book Emergings tucked away on a shelf for 20 years before it was published
  • Boxes of fabric waiting to be turned into a quilt
  • An Etsy Shop– mine opened yesterday, I have been talking about it for a year

I could probably fill a full page with things I am intending to complete.

Well my mentor Marney Makridakis hosted a very special class this week Creations, Completions, and Cupids: Falling in Love with Your Unfinished Projects I discovered how to become a finisher- how to fall in love with my UFPs and why some of my UFPs have been sitting on that to do list for so long and yes becoming energy drainers.

Using what Marney calls her Cupid Process I discovered that some of my UFPs  were not the ones the I was excited about or would give me a great desired end result! Was I surprised? YES and NO. I have been getting nudges to go back to using video and look at bringing back my interview series, like The Change Warrior Series I did back in 2011 before my life took a different path. These were the winners in the cupid process followed closely by completing my book: Lucky To Be Alive and getting Emergings: A meditation on the emotions of change onto ibook and kindle fire.

I have a new respect for my UFP list and can see how I can now fall in love with them- even the lower ranking ones have a love element that will move me forward. As Marney says: What MOVES us is What MOVES us!

Do you feel that unfinished projects might be draining your energy or holding you back from your dreams?

What happens when we release or complete a project?  We raise our vibes and we feel good about ourselves. It makes it easier to move onto the next UFP and take another step towards our dreams on our journey to freedom

Mentoring and Mapping with Marney

Let me introduce you to Marney Makridakis who I met on a similar call earlier this year and then joined her MMM – Mentoring  and Mapping with Marney program in June this year. 
I am well on the way to completing two of my big UFPs and next month will have another one under my belt. This was  for me a real story of when the student is ready the teacher will appear.
This is my testimonial for Marney and MMM

MMM is magical and transformational and Marney is the magician. I have been in many other group coaching programs that pale into insignificance for content, support and value. This is like having your own individual coach/ mentor plus you get a creative support team too.  Marney has an amazing gift of transforming one’s words and thoughts so succinctly and like a magician a new product or program is being pulled out of the hat. My business is being transformed, things I have been procrastinating about are coming to fruition. I now have someone on my team that  understands,challenges and supports me. Marney makes magic in our session each week and her business experience plus her generosity of spirit make this the wisest decision I have made for me and my business. This is one exciting ride I wouldn’t miss for the world. -Suzie Cheel, Love You, Love Your Life.

Are unfinished projects overflowing your creative space (not to mention your creative mind?)

Are you unsure about which projects still have value to you, and which ones may have run their course? (tweetable)

Listen to the class where Marney provided  a living laboratory for all of the above…a place to…

learn about your “completion energy”…
do some “speed dating” with your unfinished projects…
identify the the next steps to bring your creative dreams forward….
and lots more juicy fun stuff!
You can go here to listen…and get ready to fall in love with your UFPs using the Cupid Process

PS. Marney has given me this special link where you can apply to have a free One Hour Skype session which I highly recommend. My first session with Marney took an idea I had for a Self-Love program into the complete outline for a product

What UFPs do you have on your list that would love to be released?

In the comments below I look forward to hearing what UFPs you haves and please share it with your friends on  Twitter and Facebook.I so appreciate you ♥


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