The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity: Part Two

Update: A Week of Hard Work and¬†Progress ūüôā It Wasn’t An Easy¬†Week Why do I feel things can magically change¬†overnight? This is My Promised Update: (In case you you don’t know what I am updating head here first) Here is what I¬†am doing ¬†now with getting my brand sorted out to be fully productive and […]

21 Tips To Follow Your Dreams


Are you following or chasing your dreams? Yatin Khulbe¬†from Buddytation¬†~Untraditional Self Improvement Blog¬† asked yours truly plus¬†40¬†Self-Development experts to share their 3 tips to follow a dream life?”and then he put them¬†all into a great blog post:¬†How to follow your dreams? 41 Experts sharing the SECRET This morning ¬†I drew the Dream Walker Card from¬†Collette […]

Do You Allow Your Heart Whispers To Guide You?

Heart Whisper Guide

Today’s post was inspired by¬†the Messages from Your Angels card I drew this morning and a question from Pauline in her ¬† ¬†comment on my post¬†Does Your Blog Branding Give You Full Scope For Your Uniqueness? Hi Suzie,¬†I‚Äôm so glad you wrote this. I struggle with this on my blog as well. I am so […]

How To Shift Your Disempowering Mind Chatter

Celebrate Your Wins

¬†Do You Beat Up On You Or Celebrate Your Wins No Matter How Small They Are? Today is January 31st and today I have my Monthly Planning Review Party with some other members of The Amazing Bix and Life Academy. It was time to review our Create Your Amazing Year Planners¬†for January and plan for […]