“The first duty of love is to listen.” Paul Tillich

The message this week for me seems to be all about listening.
On Monday I drew the angel card Listen  from The Daily Guidance cards  and later that day I wrote the words below for your weekly Heart Whisper

Are you listening
Your angels ask?
We have a message for you.
Find a quiet place,
Be still.
Take out your journal,
Allow the words to flow…
Your heart whispers
Are guiding you to freedom

be listening

The angels must be really trying to get through to me as this morning when I was thinking about what BEach Inspiration  I would share today I decided to draw a card and yes it was Listen  again!

I then knew that the message for today was to be about listening. I didn’t have this one pre-written in the sand, I didn’t even have it on my list of BE

The sun was shining so I went to the beach for my morning walk and to write Be Listening in the sand.

I then thought of how I could make this a growing, maybe even shifting experience for me. What skills would benefit from some fine tuning?

Here is the list I have started : Please add what would be a listening skill you would like to fine tune.

♥ Listening to my heart whispers

♥ Listening to my inner child

♥ Listening to my angels and guides

♥ Quieten my mind

♥ Ask for guidance and listen

♥ Shut off the inner dialogue

♥ Listening to my body and paying attention

♥ Listening to my “ah has”

♥ Listening to my goosebumps- I have has many of these today as I read the wonderful comments on Celebrating My Mum. A post I nearly didn’t post as my site did a vanishing trick and it was after Mother’s Day. I also got goosebumps and teary listening to Panache Desai today. These words moved me and gave me an “ah ha” moment

“The loving acceptance of oneself sets an entire planet free”~ Panache Desai

How will you listen to you today?

Do you need to get clarity and listen more to your inner child?  Check out my special Creative Change  Clarity Coaching Package that includes a Card Reading plus a clarity session.

Be love

Suzie Cheel

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