Are You Shining, or Hiding Your Light?


As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others. ~ Marianne Williamson 

Are you letting you light shine brightly for you and the world to see or are you hiding your light under a bushel?

As the moon shone on Wednesday evening and there was magical energy, I planned a Full Moon ritual to release those those feelings and thoughts that I allow to creep in sometimes that bring on the FUD factor.  I wrote down in my journal that I would do a full moon painting.  I had no idea what would emerge onto the paper when I started to paint last night at 9.13pm. I chose a soft blue that I washed over with a deep blue, some white and then layered it with purple. My brush was so full of paint that I brushed the excess onto a board that was at hand. That was how I come to have two moon paintings. The second painting having a deeper background and a heart shape. The gold was my next color choice, representing the new energies that are coming  and then the moon shining brightly.

moon releasing

After I had completed the paintings I went outside to look at the full moon and perfection was the word that came to me. I then lit a candle and brought out the paper that I had written the words and feelings I was wanting to release.  It was now time to clear away  what has been me holding back. This is an exercise I have done in different form over the years. Last night I chose to draw a red heart  to hold what I was releasing.  Then it was time to meditate, yes under the moonlight, read the words within the heart and then light the paper and release into the night sky.


Then as I went to sleep I asked for my dreams to be filled with my hearts desires.

When I woke this morning I felt light and thought what are some ways that I can continue let my light stay shining brightly?

Here are 7 ways that I know help me shine my light:  

 I meditate and ask my inner wisdom, my guides and my angels to help and guide me.

 I ask each morning how may I serve.

 I focus on what I really really want ~ my heart’s desire ~ what juices me and makes my heart sing.

 I do mirror exercises and say I love you Suzie.

 I smile ~ I wake up with a smile and I smile at the people I pass on my beach walk, at the shops etc. You do shine when you smile.

 I let go of the woulds, the coulds and shoulds and I am kind to ME

 I tap away any fears and doubts (Emotional Freedom Technique). I find this an empowering, quick way to shift negativity as well as a powerful healing tool that I used daily during my healing journey.

All these things raise my vibes and make me feel good. When we feel good we we shine and we step into our light.

People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 1-am-a-staned-glass-window

How do you let your light shine?

How does it make you feel?

all my love

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54 Responses

  1. I’ve never done a full moon ritual, but I’m intrigued. I journal every morning and use EFT to help release stress and negativity. I try to ignore any mind chatter and continue living my life’s purpose. Thanks for the beautiful post.

    1. Hi Billie,
      I started doing them last year and I am thinking that for the new moon I will write up what i do with that. I love etf and it help to shift blockages and i use it also to lower my blood pressure
      Suzie xx

  2. Beautiful luna. Your paintings are so full of heart, and I love the image of a stained glass window ~ how our light shines and colors the world. My light shines through my written words, and boy do I love shining it!

  3. Love this post and your paintings! I keep intending to do a new moon ritual but still have not. I’ve also just started doing some painting, so I am inspired to bring these two together in a new moon – sometime in the next 100 days or so (*wink*).

    1. Hi Gloria,
      looking forward to seeing you new moon ritual- there is on coming up your Friday , maybe i will do a new painting. Seeing you face and the wink- realise i have to get going on my book

  4. Suzie you are always such an inspiration to me. Your art draws me in every time. What a wonderful gift you have and I so appreciate that you share it with us.

  5. Thank you for sharing your ritual and the various ways you let your light shine. I know these rituals can be powerful, and yet I’ve often shied away from really getting to that deep inner life and light. I particularly like how you drew the heart to hold what you are releasing. Your moon drawings are beautiful – they capture the power of that amazing wholeness. I am opening myself to as many possibilities as I can!

    1. Judy, I love your comments her, I can tell you are on a path of growth and change. Thank you for your loving comments- i can see a new post coming up for the new moon later this week

  6. I love the full moon art you created and I REALLY LOVE your morning ritual… I do some of those things… morning meditation and some mirror work but I think I will adopt a few more of your morning rituals…. your light glows 🙂
    <3 Mimi

  7. Ooohhhh I like this – the stained glass window is a beautiful scarf and that’s how I like to shine – with vibrant color! You always have such fun and inspirational rituals/ideas ~ always great to read your posts Suzie!!

  8. What a stunner article Suzie. The way you’ve used your paintings within the article, but just for the practical tips and tricks. I’ve just shared with my community, thanks! J x

  9. Beautiful, the paintings, the ritual and your sharing of it. think we all need to keep releasing pretty much the same things.. Your seven light shiners are great ways to ensure we shine.. thank you and your scarf rocks!!! Isn’t EFT just amazing, love n light x

  10. Hey Suzie, I needed this as a reminder. I think when we are present to the moment in everything we do the inner light turns on, people would say there is a glow about you. To me this is the power of be present. Great read Suzie.

    1. Welcome Jeromey,
      my apologies somehow you were in my spam, luckily i rescued you 🙂 So happy that my post was a reminder for you to turn your inner light on.

  11. hi Suzie, thanks for sharing your light, it really helps to know that others see this as a priority! I’m always looking for new ways to shine and I love it how you had 7 strategies. Namaste, Lisa Fitzpatrick

  12. Hi!

    We all need a ritual to get rid of the negativity that builds up day after day. Thank you for sharing yours with us! It is really beautiful.

  13. Suzie, Your exercise is so powerful because you’re acknowledging the things you don’t want anymore and then doing something with them (burning them — LOVE that!). What do we usually do? Ignore the feelings, push them to the side for another day. What a great example to follow.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Yes you are so true, we do so often shove aside the negatives, I used to write it out in sentences so this was a new way for me that I like- more powerful i feel
      with love and gratitude
      Suzie ♡xx

  14. Dear Suzie

    I volunteer at my local English library (in france) and I work in the cafe chatting with the library members and making them lovely cappuccinos. I really enjoy the socialising and buzzing about its fun and rewarding 🙂 I feel it makes me shine

    Love jennyxxx

  15. Inspiring post. I pray most mornings ( should be every ) to allow my light to shine today. It sure makes a difference. I have tried EFT but didn’t fall in love with it… All good ways to start the day.

    1. Hi Terry,
      Just congratulate yourself for what you do, we all slip up. I find eft has been great as part of my healing and am about to use it for my biz and finances- will share here later on how that works for me
      with love and gratitude
      Suzie ♡xx

  16. Absolutely beautiful Suzie. I loved your post. I love the ritual you have created, so much so I can’t wait until the next full moon to try it for myself! Thank you!

  17. I also love your ritual! I want to paint and mind the phases of the moon…That’s a great place to be (in the moon) is an expression we use all the time in French. We say when we are day dreaming (Je suis dans la lune…LOL which is funny cause it’s day time. Love your list..for me journalling at night has been amazing….This week I have written 7 pages on Wednesday and thursday…great stuff! Thank you Suzie!

    1. Hi Nathalie
      Wow I do a gratitude ritual at night- and haven’t tried journaling at night- currently I have been too tired, although an end of day painting could be interesting. Thanks for your passion
      with love and gratitude
      Suzie ♡xx

  18. I love your ritual. I wrote a list but I think next time I may do the heart as I liked that. Also loved your list and I would add morning pages to that now. Doing them daily is truly changing my life 🙂

    1. Hi Louise
      Yes I love the heart I had read somewhere about making a circle and putting the words in- I suppose a container like the moon. I am into week 2 of Morning pages and not quite at the love stage 🙂 Wishing you well with your course- which I really wish I could fit in- looking forward to the next one
      with love and gratitude
      Suzie ♡xx

  19. You evening time spent with the moon sounds so freeing and airy and yet wrapped in cozy too. I know that they are very different but I felt both when reading about your offering. I have done a similar thing just once and it felt so full of magic, you have made me want to remember that for another time. Thanks for the shining reminder to be bright.

  20. Suzie, I just absolutely love this! I find myself being negative much to much lately and I really love the simple strategies you’ve outlined here. I will be saving this onto my phone as a reminder. I really need to get back into meditation again too.
    Beautiful painting!

  21. Hello Suzie, Thank you so much for sharing these lovely insights. I enjoyed how you interweave color, art, language, humor and feelings into your posts. This is why your writings touch so many different people. Continue to share your insights, wisdom and humor. Peace and Blessings! -Phyllis

    1. You comment Phyllis make my heart sing. Des, my partner often says I expect people to read my mind. Your comment inspires me to keep writing from my heart and say it as I feel it. I will keep walking this path
      namaste xx

  22. “I am a stained glass window.” Today I happen to be hanging some old stained glass at my house – you’ve given me a whole new perspective!

  23. Suzie, I also ask each morning “How may I serve?” It really makes a difference in my life as I’m always guided, sometimes in unexpected ways! Your advice about following our Heart’s Desire is so important for making any decision in Life.


    1. Hi Martine,
      Yes it is a powerful question that can change the path we might have been planning to walk 🙂 Yes when we follow our heart’s desire we can move into joy
      with love and gratitude
      Suzie ♡xx

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