Do not plan for ventures before finishing what’s at hand.
– Euripides

The Power of Finishing What You Have Started is Empowering!

Do you have plans for new ventures while still have a list of programs and products sitting there waiting to be completed so they can be shared with the world? Not to mention the satisfaction your inner child will feel! 🙂

Do you have products and projects already on the go, then a new idea pops in and that takes you away from the task in hand? I had one of those yesterday. Yes I did make a quick start on it. Watch my facebook page for a new exciting daily inspiration.

I DO! When I started to list out all the products and programs that I have the list I laughed and then yesterday I joined in Anne Aleckson’s  Transformation Tuesday – Your Purpose. When I read Anne’s blog I was blown out of the water by what she had suggested.- so in tune with my current thinking, a conversation I had had earlier with Marney Makridakis  and a plan that I had started earlier in the year using Leonie Dawson’s Amazing life and biz planners


Well last Friday I reviewed that list and I know why reviewing monthly your goals and dreams is soooo important. If you focus on what you have achieved you may surprise yourself. I find that when I did focus on the fact that last week’s Heart Whisper was Issue No 35, I finished my Soul Art  and that my BEach Inspiration series is now a weekly feature I felt good. If I chose to focus on what I didn’t get done my vibes would be low and I may feel despondent.

I feel excited for June and beyond.  I will plan my month and my weeks looking forwards, not backwards.

I have a new journal  that will be my Biz Ideas Journal. I am going to list all the various projects products and programs that I have are incomplete, then make a page for each product project in colour. Then I will mindmap  the steps I need to take to complete each project. Anne’s message has lit a light in my belly, butterflies in the tummy, I felt joy bubbling up.
Now I am going to take a step back and add to and maybe subtract from my already long list:
I have a variety of products at various stages and as I make this list I am going to make sure that each product or program is in alignment with my heart, gives me good vibes and relates to my new tagline: Love You, Love Your Life: Creativity Your Path To Love
Do you have thing that by finishing them you would give you joy?
When we finish things we get benefits:
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Positive vibes
  • Joy
  • Satisfaction of knowing we can
  • Inspiration to finishing the next thing on the list
  • Brings us closer to fulfilling our purpose
  • Moves us towards abundance and prosperity
  • By sharing our gifts we empower ourselves and others
  • We make a difference

What benefits do you get from finishing a project? Share in the comments below  ♥♡♥

Do you need to get clarity on finishing?  Check out my special Creative Change  Clarity Coaching Package that includes a Card Reading plus a clarity session.

Be love

Suzie Cheel


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29 Responses

  1. Suzie,
    I needed this right now. LOL! I have several projects that need to be finished. It feels like my inner child is having a tantrum. You are so right when you remind me of the energy that is cleared up for future projects. I forget about the great tools like mind mapping and making the lists. Great insights! Thank you. I look forward to the projects that flow from this awareness for you.

    1. Hi Carrie,
      Delighted that you are inspired. I relate to the inner child having a tantrum. yes i am also looking forward to my completions and sharing them with the world
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  2. Hi Suzie,
    This is true! I recall my decision in July last year when I decided to stop doing everything that I had start, left in the middle or concentrated on progamms that did not bring ROI. I went back to the drawing board and came up with a strategy and one the first time on my list was do not start anything until you are absolutely sure you are going to bring it to an end. What a relief! Since then I am focused more than ever.

  3. Ahem! [clearing throat ;-)] [wink wink nod nod] . . . .Anne isn’t the only one that has been singing that tune to you for a while now! 😉 That said, glad you are CONTINUING to sing it Loud and Proud and PRODUCTIVE . . . as SPIRIT guides you . . . in the Still Small Voice we can hear best when we are calm, quiet and open-hearted! 😉

    Love you always Dear Friend!
    Namaste xxx ooo

    1. Love you too my dear friend and i love the AHEM 🙂 amazing how many time we heed to hear something before it really sinks in. LOL. Yes I am following spirit so much more now and being in joy as i do things, letting go of the I should…….
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  4. I know the feeling….today I discovered that a huge project that I thought was almost finished has some major flaws in it….a lot to re-work….this is going to take some real ‘finish’ power. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Oh! This is so relevant for me right now. I get so inspired and see a big vision of what’s possible, but I soooo need help with the details to make it actually come to fruition.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Wow we should get together 🙂 I am starting on a 3 month Mapping and Mentoring Program this month that I know is going to change that for me.
      Have you tried the Idea book?
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  6. Suzie, I find that I can get easily caught up with new ideas and projects.

    This leads me to sometimes neglect old ones, but this article was such a great read.

    It reminded me that it’s also important to sometimes slow down and finish what was started. You are right, the satisfaction of knowing you can complete something is great.

    There are many things I have put on the back of my mind – some things that are difficult to deal with, or tedious. This was a great reminder that I need to get to them.

  7. I love what you’re doing and yes it is so important to regularly review our accomplishments – no matter how small. Like you, I always have plenty of projects on the front burner. One of my favorite tools is my simple word doc task list. It actually consists of 3 pages that rotate. The first page is always the tasks for the current week. The 2nd page lists the goals for the month as well as my BIG rocks for the year. The 3rd page is very special because as I complete each task and goal I take if off the action page and post it to the 3rd page as done. By the end of the month it shows all of my accomplishments for the month – big or small. Of course some months it’s bigger than others – this month that list is so long it flowed over into a 4th page!

    1. Hi Marty,
      what a brilliants idea and love the simplicity of it, especially Page 3. I may borrow that.
      Thanks for the compliment
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  8. So important to focus on what you have accomplished you are so right. It leaves you in a state of “accomplishment” and that means that when you look at other unfinished projects you are looking at them from that place of accomplishment and they are much more likely to moved also to the list of things already done.

    I want to take your advice and revisit my lists every month. That really grabbed me as something that is for me too, Or will be, Starting now, at this months end and setting up for June 🙂

    Much Love

    1. That is great Kate,
      I am doing my revision today and planning for one juicy June where i see more “accomplishment” as you put it in 30 days time.
      let me know how you do
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  9. Errr have you been reading my mind lol. I am going to take your tip and have a dedicated biz journal and mindmap, sections etc. I have many projects to finish and that puts me in a tizz. Lists alone don’t seem enough. I’m buying that journal today. Thank you!

    1. Hi Louise,
      not the first time we have been in alignment. I am delighted that you are inspired to start a biz journal. I am adding postits so i can find those ideas that got jotted down and then get forgotten.
      My Biz ideas book I promise will be just for my ideas not a general repository for notes LOL
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  10. Suzie, how about “…. the best is yet to BE.” You have great projects that will BE finished when they are supposed to BE finished – creativity cannot be rushed (but can be accomplished via a reasonable timeline!).

    1. Hi Kimba,
      I love that the best is yet to BE, such wise words and Anne yesterday said much the same to me. When the time is ready. I feel excited about what is coming and getting a simple system in place i know will be empowering. So true creativity is something that when we allow it to flow miracles happen 🙂
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  11. Hi Suzie,
    I love your suggestion to have a monthly check-in with yourself and make a list! (I also love the colors and pictures in your post). My problem is not so much starting and not finishing various projects, but having multiple ideas swimming around in my head and not knowing which one to target in on first (luckily I’m working on a joint project right now which makes that decision for me :))
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Chrisitna
      Yes I know that feeling of being ideas on automation- I know that I must write them down in a central place- have been going through some old work journals and have some really great ideas so for me having one place will be empowering I think and maybe even clear my cluttered mind. Good luck with JV- yes deadlines do focus me 🙂
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  12. I’m getting better at finishing things but I still manage to have two or three projects on the go at once, just like I usually have two or three books I’m reading at once 🙂
    Love your Soul Art by the way, and thanks for the reminder to check back on my yearly planner from Leonie. Love your energy!

    1. Hi Leanne and welcome. I relate to what you have said- yes to 3 books on the go always I think.
      The soul art was a very interesting project for me and loved the outcome. Thanks for the comment re my energy- touched me
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  13. Suzie, so delighted to have connected with your inner voice and shared that message with you as well as been part of lighting the fire in your belly. I’m looking forward to seeing the products you create over the coming months.
    Anne x

    1. Thanks Anne,
      I love that you connected with my inner voice- I know I will listen more closely now and note the nudges. Yes it is going to be fun 🙂
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  14. Oh!! The joy of finishing a project is fantastic! We must awknowledge our victories as small or grandiose as they might be. I love the idea of being more consistent in starting and finishing our projects. It gives us a sense of beeing accomplished…we deserve that <3


    1. Hi Nathalie
      Yes there is joy in finishing and I am looking forward to finishing the many things i have started. Like turning a new page and starting afresh.
      Namaste ♥♡♥

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