Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.Paulo Coelho

I am often told I am brave, brave to have shared my healing story, brave to have made videos with my moon face let alone done interviews,  and more recently brave to share my financial challenges.   Is being brave something you do naturally or do you need to work on it? Or maybe you just do and don’t see what you do as being brave. I am often surprised when others see what i am doing is brave.

This morning after my morning meditation I wrote these words in my journal.

Be Brave

Just be brave not always easy:)
Quiet you mind and ask how will being brave serve me and the world?
Being brave help you be true to you
When you are brave you shine from your heart
This empowers you
This empowers others
Your heart opens wide and smiles
As you discover you can be brave
So today meditate  on the question
How will I be brave today?
Allow your heart whispers to emerge
How will you be brave today?

All my love

Suzie Cheel

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10 Responses

  1. This advice very much add my spirit especially how I have to be brave to do the right things according to my goal in this life and for getting the more happiness in my family. Be brave to tell the truth from the heart according to the God’s ways and to avoid the lie for example, so frankly I’m very impressed with what you’re talking about in here. I very thank you on what you have explained in your article.

    Good regards,

  2. Hi Suzie,

    It’s been forever since I have seen you! Hope all is well in your world. I saw your comment on the Amazing Biz site and hopped over. I like your theme of today – being brave. I always tell my daughter that the only difference between courage and fear is action. The courageous people feel the fear and do it anyways and don’t let the fear stop them.

  3. This is a very good point, actually. I think being brave is a habit, just like leaving one’s comfort zone is a habit. It’s something we either do naturally because we were born that way, or learn and then make it our second nature so we don’t really notice anymore after a while – and then others come and find us brave!

    Today, I’ll be brave enough to look beyond feeling bad because of lack of sleep, and continue feeling and being grateful for my blessings.

    Much love! xx

    1. Welcome, Sibylle,
      welcome wonderful to meet you. Intersting I had never thought of being brave as a habit, something innate maybe?
      Wishing you sleep and count those blessing
      be love
      Suzie xxoo

  4. What a lovely post! We all need reminders of our bravery or reminders to be brave! Nice to meet you as well Suzie – I can tell already you are an inspiration.

  5. Awesome. It is great to be brave. More so it is great to remember that bravery is not the absence of fear it is the willingness to go through the fear and find what is one the other side. In fact if there is no fear you cannot be brave!

    1. Such wisdom Michele.
      Interesting how being brave allows us to push through the fear and usually as we find the fear was just False Energy/ evidence, Appearing Real only we don’t see or feel that until we step up

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