You alone are enough, you have nothing to prove to anybody- Maya Angelou

Today’s BEach Inspiration to Be Enough is something I know I have struggled with. When I allow my inner critic to move me from my heart to my head up come the feelings of

  • not being enough

  • then not being good enough

  • looking outside for confirmation that supports all these negative thoughts and feelings

The list can go on and on…………

As I am writing this I am immediately reminded of Virginia Satir’s book Self Esteem and the wonderful poem I Am Me which I shared recently on the 21 Day Love Challenge.

When we slip into comparing ourselves to others or feel what we are doing is not enough we often slip into fear mode.

When this happens to me I know that taking myself and my journal to my happy place the beach is one way I can move back into know that I am enough.

I will often go for a walk and a swim which always for me is uplifting and shifts my mood from the FUD factor into one of faith, love and trust. I then put myself into a meditative state and ask my higher self to tell me what is going on right now or what do I really really want to know right now? I may also ask: How may I serve? My favorite question that I also use with my coaching clients that brings clarity and I often ask myself is: What don’t I like about……… Fill in the situation or feeling that you are experiencing at the time and make alist, you maybe surprised at what arises.

I them allow the words to flow onto the page. I surprise myself sometimes, well most of the time really. We do have the answers within and all we have to do is get quiet, listen and trust.

I am enough

What will do you do when you get the feeling you are not enough? 

All my love

Suzie Cheel

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