“When you live an intuitively inspired life the world will come to you.” ~ Angela Artemis

BEach Inspiration  Be Intuitive
To be intuitive we must trust:
♥  Our heart whispers
♥  This little nudges that pull you towards anther path
♥  The voice  that says go here, when you were going down another street
♥  Those gut feelings that give us a yes or a no to a question you want an answer to.
What is the best way to develop your intuition?
My friend Angela Artemis founder of Powered By Intuition and author of the recently released The Intuition Answer Book. Your Questions on How to Develop, Recognize and Apply Your Intuition Answered is a starting place. I have just read this and I wrote a review for Angela: 
A must read for those just taking those first steps in learning to trust their intuition as well as those who already use and trust their intuition. Angela provides great practical answers to questions on intuition that so many of us ask. What I love is the way Angela weaves her practicality into the answers, giving the reader examples and exercises to build confidence and develop trust in using one’s intuition.
 I know that becoming still and meditating is a great place to start. I also use my art as a way of tapping into my intuition and the Intuitive heart series were part of my healing process. Each morning I would head to my studio after I had got up and allow my intuition to choose the colours  I would use and I allowed the hearts to form. This a process of trust and allowing.


How do you allow your intuition to flow into your life?

PS I had the pleasure of talking with Angela about how and why she developed her intuition, why she wrote the book The Intuition Principle how she helped me through giving me a prescription that rekindled my creativity and more.

You can watch and listen here

All my love

Suzie Cheel

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25 Responses

  1. Love your 4 little points at the beginning Suzie with the hearts – I love hearts, that must be why your Heart Whispers talk to me. Whispers, nudges, voices, feelings – all special things to help us be intuitive – we just have to hear them 🙂

  2. I meet people who say “they don’t have that voice” … Intuition is always speaking to us – many have drowned it out with all the chatter of the busy world! Intuition is there for everyone … we just need to learn how to hear it!

    Thanks for sharing Suzie! 😉

    1. Hi Ellie,
      Thanks for your insightful comment, yes I hear people say I am not intuitive and they are also people who rarely sit in silence or meditate.
      What a different world it would be if everyone did listen to and follow their inner guidance?

  3. Dear Suzie,
    Thank you so much for featuring me and my work here. You are a highly intuitive person yourself – which I have no doubt you know by now!

    Thank you so much for the lovely review of my new book too. I’m so glad you found it helpful.
    Big hugs to you,

    1. Dear Angela,
      Thanks , yes i do know it and I am at a point where I do believe it and use it daily especialy now in my healing.
      Your new book is so practical thank you for putting it together.

      1. The more you use your intuition – the more it becomes part of everyday. It’s like driving a car. After a while you can “drive” and not think about it. It’s the same with our intuition.

        I’m so happy you found the book helpful. I get so many questions from readers it just made sense to publish the FAQs in a book for everyone to be able to find the answers easily.

  4. I’m familiar with Angela’s blog so I have no doubt her book is a winner. Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource Suzie 🙂

  5. Hi Suzie,

    Thank you for sharing this resource! I have been looking for books with information about getting better at trusting intuition. Happy to have another option 🙂


  6. When I learned to follow my intuition and not judge it is when I truly started making the right choices for myself and started to live from a place of peace within. The other day I was leaving the house and I heard “take an extra pair of shoes” and thought “What?”. However, I went and grabbed an extra pair of shoes and threw them in my car. I was gone all day and in the middle of the day, the pair of shoes I had on broke in half. The rubber sole literally broke in half and I couldn’t walk in them. That is why I needed that extra pair of shoes. My higher self knew and had I not listened, I would have been shoeless!

  7. I agree Suzie, I encourage the use of intuition quite a bit in my work and ‘tune in’.

    Yes, about quietening the mind and allowing and letting in, putting aside the noise and hearing our ‘calling’ 🙂

  8. Intuition is the most valuable natural energy resource we have. I love how Intuition is the language that speaks to us is the most loving and nurturing way. Listening and receiving is key. Thank you for sharing your insights with us.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      I love that- a natural energy source- hadn’t thought of that. Yes it is in the listening and receiving that we also learn to trust. Thank you for dropping by I appreciate you

  9. I love today’s heart picture.

    My favorite part about following intuition is: The more you follow your intuition the stronger and more accurate your intuition becomes.

  10. Silence, to me, is an essential for listening to one’s intuition. Journalling is also a great way of noting feelings and the results when you have followed your intuition.

  11. My gut and I have been on first name terms for many years. It has proved the most reliable indicator of what I should do 🙂

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