Color Prescription 6: Indigo and The Third Eye Chakra

Indigo Vats

Working with The Color Indigo and The Third Eye Chakra “Learning to see is a matter of learning how to look and of having the patience to look long enough to find what you are seeking”~ Anodea Judith Indigo is the color of the deep midnight sky, of denim, of intuition and perception and is said to […]

BEach Inspirations: Be Intuitive


“When you live an intuitively inspired life the world will come to you.” ~ Angela Artemis BEach Inspiration  Be Intuitive To be intuitive we must trust: ♥  Our heart whispers ♥  This little nudges that pull you towards anther path ♥  The voice  that says go here, when you were going down another street ♥  […]

The Intuition Principle: Interview with Angela Artemis

How to Attract the Life You Dream Of “The  Intuition principle is about getting in touch with who you are authentically by listening to your intuition.” – Angela Artemis Angela Artemis says  The Intuition Principle  is the key to finding your purpose, living with passion and joy, and heightening your success. It is that inner […]

How To Use Painting As A Way To Get Focus!

On Sunday I was gifted a what was to be a FREE 20 minute Mediumship Reading from Angela Artemis whose blog Powered by Intuition one of my favorite weekly reads.  Ande Waggener from the blog with the wonderful name of Up From Splat. (Ande say she’s on a journey from  Splat to Spectacular.) interviewed Angela […]