be kind

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.~ Dalai Lama

Are you kind to you?

Sometimes we forget about ourselves in the kindness stakes. Do you give yourself one random act of kindness each day?

It might just be:

♥ Looking in the mirror and saying I love you

♥  Taking time to treat yourself , might be a bath, a walk on the beach, taking a picnic to the park with a great book or you favorite music

♥ Give yourself a hug

♥ Speak nicely to yourself

♥ Love yourself

♥ Do something you say you never have time for

♥ Eat a bowl of strawberries

♥ Make yourself a green juice

♥ Book a massage

And then when you have been kind to you you will delight in being kind to others

♥ Start with a smile and brighten someone’s day

♥ Call an elderly friend or relative who is home alone

♥ Be there for a friend in need

♥ Hug a stranger and the list goes on

My friend Alex Blackwell says: It’s time to make kindness a daily habit and he put together a manifesto that you can download for free: You can read all about it Kindness is

How will you show kindness to you and in your life today?

All my love

Suzie Cheel

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6 Responses

  1. When I lived on the island of Kaua`i, I went to the beach daily with my beautiful golden retriever. Now, I’m back in Colorado and just today, after being at the computer most of the day, I rewarded myself with a walk in the park while listening to a guided meditation. Then I sat and watched some folks playing Frisbee, two dogs playing, and listened to a guy playing his guitar & harmonica. And, I did call a friend who was grieving over the loss of one of her friends who passed unexpectedly.
    Thanks for your list of kindness tips. ~Debra

  2. Oh how true Suzie. We often forget to be kind to ourselves when it should be the first place we should shower kindness. I wish we had strawberries in abundance here; “me” would have love that. I’ll find myself an alternative. And one thing too about the kindness, you don’t really return it – your pass it on. Cheers!

    1. Hi Luchie,
      I love that: . And one thing too about the kindness, you don’t really return it – your pass it on. Strawberries i buy at a farmers market and when they are out of season i usually have frozen raspberries in the freezer.
      Yes we so often shower others with kindness and forget about ourselves
      Have a kind day 🙂

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